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    bought the game on steam but does not show up in UPLAY

    I bought Far Cry New Dawn on Steam. Downloaded. It shows "Installed" in my Steam library and gives me the PLAY option.
    I select PLAY, and Steam opens UPLAY, which does NOT show Far Cry New Dawn, though it shows Far Cry 3, 4, and 5. UPLAY opens, and the game does not run - nothing happens, no run, no stalled pop up, nothing, nada - stops on some random UPLAY screen.

    Any suggestions how I get my Steam install to be recognized by UPLAY and actually play the game.

    I reinstalled UPLAY today. I have also verified my game files in Steam. No change in error.
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    This is a Steam issue. Open up the New Dawn page in your Steam Library then on the upper left select Help and in the drop-down menu select Steam Support then click on New Dawn in the next window and then select one of the various options. I just fired up Far Cry Primal which I purchased off Steam and there was no mention of Uplay.
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    Hiya rastafarianmon, can you let us know if the solution that flybyme offered was helpful? Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys!
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    This has to be the most useless reply ever, "select one of the various options". That advice does absolutely NOTHING.
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