Hey, folks!

The Spring Games continue, and the second challenge of the Community Competition is live! You can find it on the Roadmap, and below:

Challenge 2:

“Madame Bwahstrella”

World 3 – Chapter 4 – Battle 1


  • Finish in 3 turns
  • Don’t defeat any enemy
  • All heroes alive at the end of the battle
  • No extra-health mode

We hosted a live QA session on the Community Discord on March 26th, but if you missed it, here are some of the things we discussed:

Can I hit enemies as long as I don't defeat them?

Yes! As long as you don't defeat them (bring their health to 0 and removing them from the map) you are fine. In particular, this is useful if you want to use status effects on them, such as Honey.

Do I need to beat Battle 2 as well?

No, the conditions are only for Battle 1. As soon as you finish the battle within the conditions, you've completed the challenge. You can always continue to play Battle 2 because it's fun, but that's not part of the challenge!

I already registered for the Winter Games. What do I need to do this time around to participate?

If you registered for the Winter Games and followed the steps outlined in the Registration guide, then you are fine! Just remember, before you complete a new challenge, you should:

  • Upgrade your Switch and game to the latest versions available.
  • Make sure your Switch didn't enter Sleep Mode since the last time you played the game. To be extra cautious, we recommend you reboot your console before you attempt the challenge. And make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi!

In the Infographic shared for the first challenge, how is the success rate calculated?

The success rate is calculated as total number of victories, divided by total number of attempts made by players registered in the competition. So, if a player beats the challenge in the first try, and another player beats it in their fourth attempt, the success rate would be 40% (two victories, divided by 5 total attempts.)

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