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    Out of a group of 4 of us last night 3 of us experienced this bug, one during a mission, another after the mission ended and 2 of us went back to his map to do some control points, and after he left I had it happen to me after fighting some randoms in the street. The sounds that each of us heard repeating over and over were all different, automatic gunfire for one, the sound of a helicopter for another, and mine sounded like a turret swiveling left and right.
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    Never mind, tonight I logged in to a group member's map and it's back.
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    Just tried a different approach after the above suggestions did not work for me.
    Let the server boot me out for being idle, quit the application and powered down the console for a few minutes.
    Loaded back up and no repeating audio bug.
    Hope that helps someone.

    When booting the game back up it did go into a black screen with audio but no visual. Rebooted the console and no issues so far.
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    I just had the beeping start up again after abandoning a supply mission that wouldn't complete, and I tried relogging 3 times and shutting the game down twice and it kept repeating.
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    Yup, that's it. I just abandoned a mission and the noise started again.
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    Possible fix!

    If the noise starts after abandoning a project, try abandoning another one. I just did that and it went away. I'm sure it will come back, but it's gone for now.
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    "verify files" in Uplay

    abandoning another project works for me sometimes, as well as fast-travelling a few times, but not always..

    What always works for me is the "verify files" option from the uplay-launcher, fixed it every time so far.

    But i hope they fix it with the patch tomorrow.
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    Confirmed fix: Play a game of Conflict and the sound loop will die.
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    Originally Posted by nachomama911 Go to original post
    Confirmed fix: Play a game of Conflict and the sound loop will die.
    Exactly the same problem. It occured after I abandoned project in Campus.
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    This happened to me when I abandoned a project, joining a group with some friends cleared the sound for me. It remained fixed when I left their group as well. Perhaps not the greatest "fix", but at least a decent workaround for now.
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