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    Invasion keys not droping

    It happen 2 times today, I lvl up however the keys didn't drop. link for the video.


    Btw that character is not the one that i made, is the one that ubisoft left after the appearance bug
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    Hello Nightly85,

    Thanks for reaching out! As I can see you received the correct items, as the field cache provides 2 field items (with a chance to get one additional if the correct perk is equipped) and the apparel key cache fragments (in this case you received 39).

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the character right now, I am really sorry about this.
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    Ubi-Mark i wasn't talking about the apparel key cache fragments, if you read the title of my post the ones that aren't droping are INVASION KEYS wich is suppose to drop every time you level up after level 30 during the event time.

    I have read the description of the event, it did says chance of getting a key when level up after lvl 30, but since i have got 3 special ammo since saturday, playing more than 6 hours per day, i thought it was a bug
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    i have to add that everyone that i know have receive 1 key every time they level up till they get the 30 items, but i guess my luck it's just bad
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