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    Faction Crates not offering rewards

    As of Sat, April 6 I noticed whenever I open a faction crate (regardless of what faction), I get 0 rewards, yet sometimes other players can receive drops/items. This happened after I received the Chatterbox Exotic weapon. Regardless of what faction, box, location, mission, time of day, etc there hasn't been any drops what so ever on my end. Today, April 9th I and another friend ran Jefferson Plaza on Normal, found a Hyena Box on his world Tier 5, and with my key I opened the box - to find nothing inside. I have not ran this mission in 2 days so this is well past the 24 hour mark. We ran another mission, Space Museum, and same thing we found a faction crate with nothing inside. While I can't provide specifics of what time in PST, I do have video evidence through my twitch stream if you would like to see a video for proof/verification. All missions currently are on Normal Difficulty. Thank you for reading this.
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    Hey Nitrojin!

    Thank you for getting in touch about your issue with Faction Caches. This is an issue that we are already aware of and are working on.

    There is no ETA to share at the moment for when it will be fixed, however, any updates will be posted here: https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay....-Server-Status
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