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    The non sense “Call for Backup”

    I seriously don't get and it is loading in me heavy frustration.

    I mostly do squad with my clan, but the reality is my clan isn't playing 24H per day. I don't get this “Call for Backup” vs “Find a Group” options since they aren't working as expected.

    When I am trying to do a mission, I go to the map and select the mission. Why there isn't an option to call for backup? but there's an option to “Find a Group” making a damn confusion.

    “Find a Group” is an ugly trap!!! the game will take you into a a random squad in a random mission with a random spawn point. Most of the time in the middle of a damn war and in the middle of the enemies. That isn't funny at all.

    I seriously don't get the logics of “Call for Backup” when the random people that I am trying to invite does not have a clue of what mission they are going to.

    Online co op should be more easy going, more explicit.

    “Find a Group” or "accepting the invite" issues are both connected. There's no BIG secret here, let people know what they are accepting first.
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    In MM, there is an option called "Answer a call" or something similar. Call for backup is to help a downed player.
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    Please let decline invitation realltly decline invitation

    I received during one mission 6 invitations of same stupid guy
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    I agree that the function is a bit strange but I understand why it is there.

    Let's say someone is getting really creamed by a particular group of enemies or a story mission. Or that they're so close to finishing it on their own they just need a slight bit of help. Enter the call for backup system. Find just one to help you out, to finish what you started, and then part ways.

    Find a group is where it starts to get a bit tricky. The matchmaking system will first see if there is an open slot on a group currently doing what you are. If there is, it will fill those groups first. This usually happens when someone drops from a game in the middle, which is why you're ending up in that situation. If it cannot find one, it will determine (through some networking logic I suppose) who is the best hosting connection and make them group leader, and all the others who are matchmaking will be auto-invited. Could be you, could be another person.

    If you want to be the one in control, I actually found a workaround that still works in 2 that worked on the first Division:

    When you're at the mission AR in the world, you'll see the option to Find Agents. IGNORE IT. Set your mission up, and walk inside. You'll know you've officially started the mission when you see your objective come up next to your map, and you'll usually hear some radio chatter which briefs you.

    At this point, go into social, and there will be an option for group privacy. Open the group up to everyone. All you have to do at that point is wait and let people come to you.

    What this does is two things: Tells the main servers you are on a mission, even if you just took your first steps into the area, and that you are not matchmaking, but available. Anyone using the matchmaking system can potentially find you and join you this way. You will start at virtually the beginning,

    This works for most story missions. And it should work for you.

    I think the reason you were getting thrown into random missions was because you were trying to matchmake while still technically in free roam. If you're not in the mission area, you're not marked as doing that particular one, and the game will just figure "oh they're just looking to play, any mission will do".

    As for the call for backup, you can also answer them from the SHD tab of the map. You can see where in the map the call came from, from who, and what they are doing. You can select that icon and accept that call if you wish based on what you see.

    Hope this helps.
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    The call for backup tells you who is calling for backup and where they are (free roam, mission, etc), bottom left of your screen. A call for help (as far as I know, I don't call for help) can only be activated after you are downed, so if you answer a call for help, you have a very good idea what you are getting into. If you don't want to hear them, turn them off.
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    Well I've been playing for a week and I've tried to answer them but no luck BUT I've tried to use it to get some help but no luck. Until today and someone actually came and helped us. I was glad for the help.
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    Call for back up needs a ground-up redesign
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    Originally Posted by Gamer5170 Go to original post
    I think the reason you were getting thrown into random missions was because you were trying to matchmake while still technically in free roam. If you're not in the mission area, you're not marked as doing that particular one, and the game will just figure "oh they're just looking to play, any mission will do".
    Thanks for the reply, I am just point out this non sense. Online co op should be more easy going, more explicit in both way "request help" (WHO, WHERE?) or "give help" (WHO, WHERE?).

    It's a nightmare to invite someone and if you are sharing a "work around" more reason u gave to this non sense.

    “Call for Backup” it is pointless since the invited ones does not have a clue what he is accepting (this might explains why I waited 3 hour to someone join, and why I got spam(hundreds) from "a agent needs your help").

    Again, maybe I am not explaining well. But as far as I am old gamer in co op games I never saw anything more useless than this system.
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    I think what needs to happen, is they need to have the ability to post group requests. For example, responding to something in Freeroam could mean anything. Is it someone that just wants to do control points? Do they want help searching for SHD caches? Are they just looking for a group to play whatever?

    If we're able to title the group and what we're looking to do, it may make things easier for those of us, like the OP that have trouble finding groups as well. It will also stop the whole issue in missions where sometimes things are a little weird, and you may end up doing a mission you didn't intend on doing. For example, I was in a hard mode daily mission, matchmaking, I was about halfway through, but got a request to join a group, when I did, I joined a group that was doing the same mission but on challenging. Not sure why it did that, but I had to rerun the hard mission afterwards.

    It's weird stuff like that where sometimes you can't control what you get. If we could just post what we are doing, or what we're wanting out of a group and let people join as they like, it would simplify everything.
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    Locate the mission on the map, click on it to bring up the details and use matchmaking from there to matchmake for that particular mission at your chosen difficulty.
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