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    I found some cheaters in a stadium so can't save a new time


    It's in french sorry, but today when trying to do a platinium in a stadium i saw that no matter what time i do i'll always be third or last

    Please delete their times, because they have dones some weird times in multiple races

    Pseudo of the cheaters
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    ran into NEMO4X as well. no matter how far ahead of his ghost everyone was he came in first each time
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    To follow up on this, i'd say this is a game-breaking bug. I also encountered the same three ghosts, with only Alex driving normally.

    Instead of only removing invalid times, please also consider to always count your lap times no matter the position. I'm close to Diamond on one of the Bull Super X maps and can't post a lap time because my rival ghosts are all first, second and third globally (legit ghosts, not like the one in this thread). I don't mind the ghosts pace to be honest, but i'd have to beat them in order to post a new time which, frankly is impossible for me.

    You should also be able to see the time at the top left after you finished outside the required position (same screen as the box to continue or restart).
    Lastly i'm not sure if it's a bug or not but you cannot replay any ghosts for tournament races.
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    Same problem here. Seems like 2 of the other riders crashed out early, won the race and it said I came in 3rd. Got platinum time but it doesn't want to sav, since I "lost".
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    Hey everyone.

    We are aware of this issue. I submitted it to our dev team previously and they're currently investigating why this happens.

    The only workaround we have at this time would be to disconnect yourself from your network, then try the Stadium Finals again. That way, it should put you against AI with times that are possible to beat.

    I have also previously passed feedback on that your time should be recorded regardless of whether you win or not.

    Thank you!
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