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    Same issue, cant connect to ubisoft error code bla blah blah. Cant even check my LB score. How frickin wonderful.
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    Guys I want to ask an additional question to who can't login successfully. Do you have two-step verification enabled?
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    No, i don't have two-step verification activated. So i'm curious, why should it be a thing?

    edit: I’d also raise a support ticket a few days ago. Till now, i got no answer, no solution, not even a reaction.
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    The ticket just tell me to check everything. And take screenshot to prove the settings are right.
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    Hi why949! I checked on your support ticket. If you are still having this issue today, please update your ticket accordingly.

    @zeeo27 Are you still having this issue as well?
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    We are still having the problem
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    @ UbiSailorScout:


    i tried to login a few moments ago and it worked as expected. It seems, my Switch console is now connected to my Ubisoft account and i could access multiplayer mode.

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    I'm connected with an ubisoft account but the name shown in my trials profile is my switch nickname and not my ubisoft name (FrequentForager). I was wondering, can you see your switch name or your ubi name? I've noticed that all the ghost players and the challengers have the ubisoft symbol with their name and that's not what I see for my profile or on the leader boards.
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    @ FrequentForager

    as far as i remember from my last session, it was my ubisoft name, that was shown in the top right corner.
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    zeeo27, Thanks for the response. Looks like something I need to sort out on my end. Just got nintendo online last night and wasn't able to do multiplayer, but I'm def connected with my ubisoft account even tho it's showing my switch profile name. Hopefully I can configure things correctly and be able to have everything working properly.
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