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    Settlers 3 History Edition - creating new settlement


    I'm stuck at 5th Roman Mission. Basicaly I'm supposed to colonize new island to the north-west due to shortage of terrain on my starting island. I know I can send Pioneers to the new land and then turn them back to the diggers to start building. The problems is, I cannot turn them back when they leave my settlement. The proper option in the menu is inactive. I can change Pioneers to Diggers only when they are on my starting island.

    Am I doing something wrong? As far as I know, this is the only option to colonize new lands in Settlers 3.

    Any tips would be appreciated

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    Oh God, I feel so dumb right now. After I wrote the post above, I discovered I have to use optione TAKE THE LAND when Pioneers are selected.
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    I may be dumber but how do you turn pioneer back to diggers or builders?

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