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    Can't Authenticate

    I bought Space Junkies from the Oculus store and for whatever reason it isn't being added to my uplay library... So I am assuming when I try to launch the game in Oculus and when the game pulls open my Uplay Launcher and doesn't see my library it throws this dumb error. It doesn't matter how many times I restart each client Uplay doesn't recognize that I own the game! This needing multiple launchers open for every Uplay game I buy is getting old quick because of issues like this.... if you don't want us to buy your games from other distributors make them exclusive otherwise maybe make the need for the launcher optional!
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    Same problem
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    We're currently looking into this issue, please ensure you have contacted the support team and provided all of the information they need.

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    This is still happening to me. I opened a ticket and submitted the info I found in this post.
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