Hello everyone,

Please find the current list of known issues below.

**Updated March 21st**

Nvidia RTX cards - Crash on launch with Nvidia driver 418.81
Workaround: Download and install the latest Nvidia drivers (419.35).

A player can start a match alone if the other players leave before teams are made
Status: Fixed in future Title Update
Note: The match will automatically end after 10 seconds due to a lack of players. Rankings are not affected, and the player will be redirected to a functional lobby.

Drop in performance can be observed on HTC Vive after enabling Motion Smoothing
Status: Under Investigation
Workaround: Deactivate Motion Smoothing in your Steam VR settings.

On PSVR, the game can crash if a user signs out and immediately back in
Status: Fixed in future Title Update

In Team-Up mode, players may not be assigned to any team if one of the teams is made up of Quickplay players
Status: Fixed in future Title Update
Workaround: Start a new session.

Players may crash with Intel i5 4590 + AMD RX 480 GPU minimum configuration
Status: Under Investigation

Please report any issues that are not mentioned here on the relevant Technical Support section or get in touch with our support team.