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    13MB download needed every time I open the Game (pretty much)


    After playing Trials Frontier for ages, I'm wondering why a 13MB is required pretty much every time I open the game all of a sudden?

    I'm on the road quite a lot, and it's really annoying not to be able to play the game because the download is needed when I'm in a place with no internet (on a plane for instance).

    I'm sure there's a reason for this, but the game was running perfectly smooth before, so why isn't there an option to play the game without downloading all the time?


    User: DK-Magellan
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    Just guessing here, but how much free space do you have on your device? When space is low, iOS will recover space from whatever app has extra, and Id assume that plenty of Trials data (advanced tracks, character animations, new challenges, etc) falls into that category.

    So Im just another rider, but if I were you Id try to free space on your phone/iPad and see if that helps (delete unused apps, etc.)
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