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    Ubisoft: Can we get an answer as to why Ranked has no ping lock?

    Just had the most ugly example of why pingers are bad

    Lean out to suppress an angle, lean back in, and about a half second later I die

    I watch the killcam, and my opponent LITERALLY shoots the air, AFTER I move away and I die

    Check his ping, just under 200

    Seriously though, for a game to be competitive, everyone needs to be on the same footing, with ABOUT same pings
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    Yeah, that situation isnt real... Its impossible in all games what i know and by logic in all games in generall.
    He shots, his connection send that information to the game server and server compare it with with informations from others players. Simply put. Its not like his PC would say "Hey, i shot him in head" and server would be like "Ok, bro, i believe you"

    So here are possible version of what happens
    1) you got lag, according to server you was on that spot and killcams is generated on your side, so it shows only what did you see
    2) This one depends on situations. He sprayed and you got killed by bullet who flew off
    3) You died while leaning back so your body hit the floor outside of his croshair - was that blood?

    Only theories since i can see that cam, but your version is impossible.
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