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    Type of cameras attacking and defending operators

    Hello . I wanted to talk about the cameras that are available for Rainbow Six Siege for operator guns. Almost all of the attacking operators, except for some of them, have ACOG type cameras for their guns. While the DOC and ROOK operators in the defense sector also have this type of camera. It seems to me that the availability of these cameras is not very good for these defensive operators, since it makes it easy to eliminate two enemies at long distances (especially when the enemy is standing by the window and checking inwards). I think this camera is better. Extensions are available for attacker operators. And recently, this type of camera has been removed for ASH operator's gun while most of the attacker's operators are.

    Because this game is a tactical game, I'm saying this because it has a lot to do with players' performance. Maybe many people do not pay attention to this. I really want you to apply these changes as well.

    Thanks so much and thanks for this great game
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    First of all - they are sights not cameras!! The reason why not many defenders have an acog sight is because they already have the advantage when the round starts as the attackers must come to them. Only the 3 armour defenders have acog sights and even then not all of the 3 armour defenders actually have an acog sight. It's a balancing thing that makes sense
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