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    It's easy to make things look convincing. I have, shamefully, gone through a lot of times where I attempted to find a cheat that works. Thing is they make it look REAL convincing. Trust me, people aren't getting things for free
    well i hope so , at this point your words are giving me confidence , tnx for taking your time in order to share your tots with me
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    Originally Posted by Nierautomata-. Go to original post
    what do you mean " It doesn't look like there's a fix for elite glitch ? you mean people at ubisoft can't handle this issue ?

    also this glitch has nothing to do with " experiencing " people can experience this glitch once they use it , how can you say " Is everyone else experiencing this glitch as well " ?

    ofc we are experiencing it . and if you are saying its fake then explain this to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykZecKAjB2s

    edited : in this video the guy is saying once ubisoft patch this glitch i will change the title of the video but it seems you guys didn't patch this even with this new update Gj
    I tried this 3 times and recorded it but it didn't work. Probably only on console.
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    Original (i guess) author said its PC only... i guess we will see similiar video after next update ans so...

    Isnt it funny how some ppl believe some guy that big company doesnt care of its income?
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