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    Bug: App-style ads don’t reduce bike upgrade time

    When watching ads to reduce bike build time, you encounter 3 kinds of ads:

    1. YouTube-style video ads with a “skip video” button
    2. Non-skippable ads that end with a gray screen with an x in the upper-right
    3. Ads that end with an iOS App Store dialog

    This third category of ads does not reduce bike upgrade time (which is annoying because they are also the longest ads). The first two types work as expected.

    Yes, I’m watching them all the way through (they’re not skippable anyway). Upgrade time is not reduced no matter how you close the ad (via the button in the App Store pop up or via the x in the upper-right that shows up after a moment).

    (Latest Trials Frontier build on iPad Air and iPhone X running latest iOS.)

    Also, the advice in this forum to submit a bug in-app is out of date; there is no more “support” tab.
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    Please fix developers!

    Thank you I am having the same problem! However in my case the only ones that reduce the upgrade time (same thing happens when watching ads for fuel or gems) are the first ones you mentioned with the skip option. So I have to force quit the app over and over again until I get one of those types of ads. When bike upgrades are at 24+ hour wait times, I rely on the ads to be able to play the game without waiting over a day to play again. If you are going to make a game with the awful progress throttle, at least make the even more annoying ad watching system work.

    And yep the support option is now missing. May have to contact them over Twitter. I’ve heard that works sometimes
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