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    Season 1 Preview

    Start your engines, Riders, the first Trials Rising season is about to begin! To get prepared, let’s take a sneak peek at seasons.

    Competition in ranked multiplayer matches is about to heat up. During the season, player rankings will update with each win and loss. Climb the leaderboards to reach the next division and earn exclusive rewards. For Season One, players will be competing for an exclusive outfit, only attainable as a Ranked Multiplayer reward. Each division reached will earn another piece of the outfit, awarded when the season closes.

    Seasons in Trials Rising will include more than just multiplayer competition. Rider outfits, bike skins, headlights, accessories, loading poses and victory animations will be dropping on the Gear Store regularly throughout the season and that’s not all. Stay tuned to Trials channels on Thursday March 21st for even more information on the upcoming season. Best of luck to all the competitors out there. We’ll see you on the leaderboards.
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    When's the Season gonna start off? It's been March 21st for ages now
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    Great... If only my inventory hadn't been maxed out already for over 2 weeks.
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    It´s pointless to release another part of the game when the core game-mechanics are still broken. It just does not make any sense...

    Almost a month since the game release and nothing happened. The game is still broken for me...
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    I guess the point reward/MMR system isn't that polished yet...

    Winning the whole round after 3 races (with every single race won btw, lul) as a Gold Player apparently loses you 84 points with another Gold and 3 Silvers in a lobby...
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    Yeah, im a little confused by this as well. Win all three matches with no faults, and i lose points? Usually matched against a few silvers and golds. Very confused...
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    I think your rank depends on the individual times of the tracks equal to the single player requirements. P. e. if you finish the 3 tracks with a gold rating (single player rating between gold and platinum), you will earn elo points while on gold rank. If it is a close gold rating (near silver) you lose elo points.

    But it doesn't feel that balanced after all.

    There are still TOO MUCH easy tracks (and too often the same ones) and if my theory was true, you have to reach good platinum ranks on the 3 tracks to get near to "diamond rating". Pulling out 3 platinums in a row on the first try is nearly impossible imo.
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    A lot of XP, Coins and Boxes which is great, however I feel losing points goes much faster then gaining them.

    Near perfect play required to gain a few points, while if you make a small mistake, you can lose 100-250 points and that's at Gold Division.
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