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    Weekly Clan Cache

    I have multiple members who didn't have any chests as a reward. Not in the clan chest in the clan quarters neither in their own inventory.

    They tried logging in and out and talking to Grace. They were active during the week aswell.
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    Hey there,

    Are you able to provide any video of this happening?

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    Same here!

    This also happened to me. My friend got two silver caches and my other friend got one. I did not receive any. This is broken. Please fix.

    Clan name - Two Tears [TTS]
    Player: Uba_Supachief
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    I am one of those members. Havent received anything. I can interact with the chest but nothing is inside.

    I have restarted the game, restarted my ps4 and tried to open the weekly cache in party's and solo.

    Also the skincolor and face of my character changed over night.
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    Youre not the only one

    Im from a different clan, and I have the same problem. So sad these bugs keep adding up when each day passes.
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    Didn't receive my weekly cache either. Also have the clan exp not accruing bug. Maybe they are related, and the game doesn't think in a clan at all?

    Edit: Also, not sure what good a video would do. It would just be a video of me opening the empty clan cache, same as if my clan never earned one. Can't get a screenshot of literally nothing.
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    Having the same issues where my Clan- Life Insurance hit 3 caches last week and I(Ironace16) received nothing from the weekly box. Do we have an update on this?
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    Same thing happened with my clan members. I received two clan caches, another member received one, and many others received none. Some members who have been in since the 12th haven't received any and some members who just joined the clan a day or two ago received a cache, and vice versa.
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    My clan members did not get clan cache from the clan room cache chest either. The clan board reset but the chest said " No items found" We were at 3 Tier Cache and online when weekly board reset. Did not capture screen shot. Wondering how we could have captured that. Was hoping the game system query can tell who gets what, etc.
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    I did not get cache(s) as well...
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