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    Mod Inventory - "Navigate Categories" and "Mark as Junk" both use the left trigger

    Note: I play with a gamepad on PC due to carpal tunnel. This has not been discovered on a console and accidentally uploaded to the PC section. However these are the default gamepad controls, and as such this issue is very likely to be applicable to consoles as well.

    As the title states, the "Navigate Categories" and "Mark as Junk" options of the mod inventory menu both use the left trigger which makes the two options conflict heavily. Marking a piece of gear for junk puts you into the category selection which means you can't select individual pieces of equipment because the menu is freaking out and swapping between the various special ability mod types. To be able to clean up my inventory, I have to scrap gear individually which can be very tedious when I have dozens upon dozens of mods.

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    Bumping just to make sure this has been seen by a Ubisoft rep.
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