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    Canít select/equip any dark zone perks

    After opening up the first dark zone I fast travelled back to the Whitehouse to go check the dark zone vendors listings (also am currently level 23 in the dark zone at the time youíre reading this) so that I may select the desired perks to go back into the dark zone with and cannot select any of them except for tier 1 even then it doesnít get equiped and the selection button is not even highlighted for any other tier even though I have them unlocked. Tried troubleshooting by logging out and back in didnít work and also tried turning completely off with the modem off and back on and still nothing

    Would like to know if anyone else shares or has heard of this similar problem and possible ways to fix this puts me at a disadvantage and is quite frustrating really Ubisoft if youíre reading this comment it would be amazing to see this fixed itís a great game just a few minor issues
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    Same issue

    Iím currently having the same issue. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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    Hello Agents, welcome to the forums!

    Could you please provide us with short videos? Once received, I'll be able to pass them on! :-)
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    Have you figured out how to fix this?

    Im having the same problem, this is a valid necro becuase i cant find the issue anywhere else. In the perk menu i cant select any perks, the button prompts are greyed out. It shows that the perks are unlocked though.
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    Dark Zone Perks Problem

    I'm having the same problem since TU6 update. Tells me I have Dark Zone perks at base of operations, but when I go to the dark zone officer no perks are showing!
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