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    I cannot equip any mods, am I missing something?!

    Iím playing the division 2 on Xbox. I have unlocked all the mods in the perks menu with the quarter master, if have also built several mods at the crafting station. None of the mods show up in my inventory! When I select a weapon, there isnít even a button indication for mods in the lower right hand corner. Iím level 9 and all the weapons I have equipped have slots for the mods Iíve made or unlocked. What am I missing?!
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    I'm in the same boat and I've seen multiple bug reports of this. Hopefully Ubisoft fixes this soon, I'd like to be able to use mods for my weapons lol


    For some reason left/right on the D Pad allows me to select the other mod slots. So it looks like that's the issue. Try that out and see if it works.
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    Thanks for the heads up about the D-Pad Stoibles
    Can you try that UndockingPine4 and let us know if that works for you as well.
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