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    Reactivate SHD Network

    Iíve put about 30hrs into this game for me to get to the reactivate SHD network mission and itís broken. The computer has been already activate but Iím not getting credit for it being done. I canít advance no more as it is a prerequisite to lvl 30 stronghold. When will a patch be made to fix this
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    Same issue

    Got stuck and my cutscene did not finish what would UBISOFT suggest and this thread does not have any replies any thing you guys could do?
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys. Moving to our official Division forums. Here is a workaround:

    Replay mission "Federal Emergency Bunker", set difficulty to "Story" and matchmaking, typically you will join other player's mission and they haven't done yet.
    Finish this mission and back to The White House, you can see it shows you have to interact with the server in The White House basement, but you will lose indicator when you close it.
    However, let the other player trigger the mission and wait it finish (I guess he have to finish the cutscene?) and the mission is complete.
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    They need a patch!

    Honestly I didnít pay 120 for a work around! I love the game and the content and I shouldnít have to match with randoms/friends for a mission Iíve already to completed to get the content I need! This is a problem for a lot of player and instead of a workaround a hot patch is needed! I appreciate the input honestly and not trying to come off rude but thatís how I feel
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    Same issue

    I put over 30 hours in after paying $130 for the game just happened to me on Saturday. When will a patch be coming out to fix this it is really annoying and also find it Annoying that after 48 hours I have still it gotten a response in the support email I sent.
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    Loads of people are having this same GAME BREAKING BUG, as well the ďwork aroundĒ is to do it with someone who hasnít done it yet and follow them to their basement and watch them interact with it. Seriously I see people 5 days ago with open tickets about this damn bug , I too am suffering from it. Iím just making a new character until itís resolved. Iím not a happy camper Ubisoft please fix this
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    I have the same issue. Tried matchmaking and sat there for 15 mins without matching up....stuck with only the capitals building stronghold left
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    Time for Ubisoft to do somthing about it.trying for 2 days and still no conection
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    Reactivating The SHD

    This is terrible and not cool at all. I grinded the game done everything I was supposed to just to come to a complete stop because of a bug, broken game or whatever. Then I put a ticket in just for them to say they forwarded my ticket up and someone is investing it. Then they say find someone in matchmaking or whatever, but when you do that they pair you with other levels 30. The problem with all this is yall know about it and still want fix it.
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    Yes it is a pain. This happened to me as well. If you have a good friend he/she can start a new character and rush through the missions and redo the federal bunker mission. Let them activate the cutscene at the end in the whitehouse. Once theyíve watched it you should get the ďmission completeĒ. This worked for me. But my clan is amazing
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