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    The glitch is discovered over 2 weeks and this is the best Ubisoft could do? a workaround? hoping some random player in match-making to resolve? and you need to prey that dude to do the steps right?

    Or you expect me to have a good friend helping out by creating a new character to go through that mission again? either you provide the bug-fix (which should have been done after beta) or you have a team to help out ppl like us in the game, guiding us through the entire process, just do the math you can resolve maximum 3 players issue each time.

    This is what you should do, instead of telling us the same thing the development team is investigating like 2 weeks ago.
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    So what should we warn other people about? Do the federal bunker mission solo so you dont break your game? This sucks.
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    Any news on this? Got stuck too. Please Ubisoft, you gotta fix this guys..
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    Well, this is 2 years too late perhaps, but relevant to this thread. Is this really a bug? I am just at level 28 now but since early in the game, I had been having the mission "Reactivate the SHD Network" pop up whenever I went to the White House. The destination marker would lead me down stairs where there was a glass wall and nothing I could interact with. I figured this was the notorious bug that people could not get past.

    Of course, I had not completed all the missions and I then did the "Federal Emergency Bunker" mission and when I returned to the White House, it said it had been upgraded and I was able to complete that old mission.

    Now I'm confused: Is the bug just that it gives a mission you cannot yet complete due to a prerequisite mission or is it truly bugged in a way that makes it incompletable? Are people saying they had already completed the Federal Emergency Bunker mission and still could not complete it?
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    Thanks for getting in contact and confirming the order you were able to get this objective completed. If anyone has been unable to get past this using the workaround provided, hopefully this additional information can assist them further.
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    Reactivate the SHD network is one of the mission objectives in The Division 2.
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    SamE here and looking for something else
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    This shows the importance of this bloog.
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    Amazing post this..It certainly helps :nonchalance:
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    I agreed for this man.
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