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    Discussion about some people who were talking about world first tidal basin

    So I heard people talking about worlds first tidal basin.
    My opinion on that is if u got in first you probably finished it first. It's not really a great accomplishment to finish it.
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    Eh. There's this culture in gaming that think "If you got to do something first, it carries bragging rights", which is.. a pretty "Eeeh" thing, really.

    It's a really back-and-forth thing, really. One person'll say it's perfectly legit to celebrate a world first clearing of a thing, others will say it's pointless to celebrate it. At the end of the day, someone finished something, and people are for some reason talking about it.
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    It was worth bragging about in EQ and EQ2, where only a tiny percentage of the players would ever be able to even complete the raid. In this game... meh, it just means that you took the day off from work or school in order to be first. In something this simple, the claim is probably just the guy who posted it first, tons of folks may have completed it before him.
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    Yeah exactly, something like destiny's raids (picking another lootbased shooter) or cod zombies its cool to be worlds first. Cause you actually have to be good and use your brain
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    Basically it's a hollow achievement. By that I mean it's no big deal!
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