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    The Division 2. Problem with Key in inventory.

    Hi. Since the beginning I have an issue wit with keys. They disappear from the inventory. When I pick them am and try to check on them my inventory is empty or I can see the key but it disappear after few seconds. It cause also an problem with the mission where you have to pick up some key to open the door so you can proceed. I was stuck on one mission so I had to do it with my friend so he picked up an key so we could proceed.
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    Hey plutonowy. The key isn't something to be kept after and if you restart the mission, you'll have to find the key again.
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    I've tried to restart the mission but it doesn't help . I even reinstalled the game and created new character. Same thing. For example if I find Hiena key and pick it up I can see it in my inventory. After few seconds it's gone and even if I will try to open an box where hiena key is neede it says that I don't have a key
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