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    Unable to complete “reactivate SHD network.”

    In the White House, there is noting to do in the server room. An not complete the mission. Any suggestions?
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    Hey Armbah! This has been reported. Please try this workaround:

    Replay mission "Federal Emergency Bunker", set difficulty to "Story" and matchmaking, typically you will join other player's mission and they haven't done yet.
    Finish this mission and back to The White House, you can see it shows you have to interact with the server in The White House basement, but you will lose indicator when you close it.
    However, let the other player trigger the mission and wait it finish (I guess he have to finish the cutscene?) and the mission is complete.
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    Same here

    Loads of people are having this same GAME BREAKING BUG, as well the “work around” is to do it with someone who hasn’t done it yet and follow them to their basement and watch them interact with it. Seriously I see people 5 days ago with open tickets about this damn bug , I too am suffering from it. I’m just making a new character until it’s resolved. I’m not a happy camper Ubisoft please fix this
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