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    Crashing randomly

    My game crashes at the most unexpected time from time to time. Just from today in between 2 hours of game time i crashed 3 times
    PC spec- i7-8700
    Nvidia GTX1060
    16gb RAM
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    in heavy loaded loacation it can be happened.
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    Sure, it's not recommended by Ubi but...

    So my friend has been crashing like crazy. We have literally identical PC's except mine is watercooled.

    Anyways, friend crashing like crazy.

    He tried everything under the sun to fix it. (turned of dx12, lower graphics, etc etc.)

    What fixed it for him?

    Well since beta I've been running the game WITHOUT the uplay launcher overlay. So while we are going through settings to compare and maybe find the issue. This is what fixed it for him.

    No uplay overlay in fullscreen window on max settings with dx12 and no more crashes.

    IDK if ubisoft checked this but its what fixed it for him. Try it.

    You turn off the overlay in the uplay launcher
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    I fixed the issue by following this


    5. Disabling your background applications.
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