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    Mario Rabbids World 4-8 Battle 2 Castle Guards game breaking glitch

    The battle just won't start at this particular stage of the game, I can go through and the enemies will keep ignoring me. I can even go to the next puzzle and pass through the gate towards the final boss (I assume) but the cannon there won't let me activate it. I've restarted the game several times and completed the previous battle up until the same moment but it just won't let me progress.

    The problem originated just aftter I "quit the chapter" right after opening the chest right before the battle and, upon restarting the chapter, I encountered the problem.

    Is there any fix ? Been struggling to find someone with the same glitch..
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    Did you get anywhere with this? I'm having the exact same issue. I've restarted the Chapter, returned to Peach's Castle, etc.

    It's so frustrating because they've put two of the most time consuming fiddly puzzles right before it as well and if I have to recomplete them any more I'm going to cry.
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    same Problem

    @ Ubisoft: Please fix. The trigger for the second battle in world 4-8 is not triggering. All same as described above by the others.
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    Having the same problem, any updates how to fix it?
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    Hello everyone,

    I do apologise for the delay in responding to this thread. I found it on the general discussion board just now, rather than in our Player Support section (I have now moved it!) so it may have escaped our notice before.

    Can you all tell me whether it is still possible to reproduce this issue? Could you provide me with a video that demonstrates this?

    If any of you have multiple Nintendo Accounts / users on your Switches, can you also tell me whether this issue is reproduceable across all accounts, or just your own?
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