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    Division 2 Skills disappear after deployment

    It seems that I can't use any of my skills except Chem launcher when in a group on another players map. Within seconds after deploying any skill except Chem launcher my skill vanishes and I'm left with a 15 second cool down
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    Same here currently happening
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    Skills wont stay deployed. Disappear after 2 seconds.

    Fix this please
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    Same to me
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    So frustrating with the skills glitch, makes playing unbearable. PLEASE FIX THIS
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    Same thing is happening to me, the only skills that are working are chem launcher, pulse and hive
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    Same thing. Seeker mine deploys but disappears. Can't rely on it.
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    Skills disappear

    Skills still not working. Any skills will sometimes work once. Most of the time they go right into 15 sec cooldown. Having this issue since this morning.
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    Same issue here. Drone never worked, disappears after firing one burst, then goes into cool down. Turret and mine were working until yesterday.
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    Same thing please fix asap

    This is really annoying can you fix this asap with turret and other skills dont even want to play until this issue is fixed
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