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    I like tracks like those that "Think outside the box". Some people don't care for different, but I like it. It shows creativity.
    Excited to check those out.
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    Hope you enjoy them man. They don't seem to be too popular so I guess you're right on people not caring for different. Inner Peace probably should have been labeled a skill game but I figured it's still essentially a trials track with checkpoints. Oh well.
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    Ah, give it time. I haven't even been online last couple of days so I haven't tried em yet. People kinda busy this time of year.
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    Hey, I tried the track where the button pulls the bike down. I liked the concept (I hadn't seen that done before) but I couldn't play it because I couldn't see where I was going. It was too dark for me and I couldn't tell where I was trying to land my jumps and finally had to give up. I would try it again if you did another version sometime that was lighter (or even had more lights on it). While I think it's important to be true to yourself when building tracks, I also think a lot of people have trouble on tracks that are dark and that might be why not too many are finishing it.
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    Dang, I was worried about that. I will take it down next time I am on. I will brighten it up and put it back up when I share my next track. A back injury has left me on the couch the past week with nothing to do so I have about finished another.

    Did you play Going Back? It's dark as well but I tried a different technique. I used a shadow volume to darken the background while I tried to keep the drive line fairly well lit. Hopefully that works better because my next track uses the same trick.
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    I don't think you can remove a track once it up on TC - If you can, please tel me how, I've got a few on there that I've uploaded (fixed) versions but people often play the original screwups first. I'd love to remove about 5 track of mine that were either never intented to up load or have fixed issues.

    I almost laughed when I read that you have a back injury, NOT out of humor but out of irony, because my back has been out and in a lot of pain for the last 4 days now and at times it's even been hard to sit at my PC to build tracks. This is the main reason I haven't been playing as many tracks lately. Also ironically, my Dad hurt his back about 3 days before I did. What's up with that?

    I haven't played Going Back yet but I'll give it a go next time I'm online in the game.
    take care.
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    Lol. Tis the season for back injuries... You're right, I can't delete it from TC. Maybe it will let me upload it again with the same name labeled a skill game.

    Hopefully the shadowing used in Going Back is better for everyone. I could share my next track now but am concerned about the lighting. It's a heavily wooded track and I used the shadows/details to make the track run smoother and feel more dense.
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    [Jelly]Junkyard Jungle is up on track central.

    I went through and brightened it up and think it's ready. The drive line should be pretty well lit for people but I still wanted to give the feeling of being in the dark woods. Hopefully I am getting close to perfecting the night tracks. Enjoy friends.
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    I'll have to give that one a try.
    Speaking of "Backs", I did try Going Back I found that a fun concept. You have a creative mind. ...and I was able to see ok on that one. I'm partially color blind and I think that might affect definition a bit thus making darker things a bit harder to see.
    Also, even though we can't delete tracks from TC, seem they can be deleted by someone. One of my tracks was gone yesterday and it was in Staff Picks (Jawbreaker Falls EZ). I think they intended to move it from Staff Picks (it was there for a long time), but instead deleted it from TC all together. I'ts not even in my tracks section anymore. I was bummed to see that because it was really racking up the plays and I'd been watching it to see how high it would get. Hopefully they will get it back at some point.
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    That's a bummer about your track. That's the same thing that happened with one of mine. The only track I had on the staff picks was deleted from the list and the game. Guess it's a reoccurring problem now. Cool.
    Thanks for riding my track though. See you in TC.
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