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    Hey everyone. New track of mine up.

    [Jelly]Freeway Blvd.

    Another residential track. I messed around with some animations and built some new structures. Enjoy Trials friends.
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    New track is up.

    [Jelly] Tokyo 2049

    The track title is pretty self explanatory about what the track theme is. I might do a "sequel" to this track at some point. We will see. Enjoy!
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    Hey Jelly,
    I played that one yesterday and found it really nicely done. I personally have a harder time on darker tracks but aside from that I found the driveline really nice and your attention to details really pays off in my opinion.
    Nice Track.
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    Thanks a lot man. I used the old film filter on the camera to get the dark look. I switched to it very late in the build. I built the track with a much brighter and more blue filter. I was playing with the filters and my wife said she liked the old film so I went with it. I feel your pain with dark tracks and was worried this was too dark but I can't go against the boss.

    You deserve a medal for being the most active person on the forum. It's a shame you weren't around then Evo was out. It was a totally different time then.
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    Thanks buddy, and I know what you mean about the boss. Mutual respect is a must.
    I like forums. They're a great place to exchange ideas and hopefully move things in a constructive direction.
    I'd love to see it pick up a bit. This is a great game.
    I don't know of a more powerful editor.
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    I saw my track in a Gus video and yeah it's really dark. It's nowhere near as dark on my TV. I am tempted to reupload the track with the settings I originally had. I will add to the track length as well to give more of a reason to play again.

    Side note: Gus labels my tracks with my original GT. I have since changed it twice. It doesn't bother me too much. I am just glad someone takes the time to record my tracks. Do PlayStation players see my name as HerpesGodofPain?
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    I see HerpesGodofPain, but I'm on PC.
    Might just have the game gamma set higher than default.
    I adjusted mine once on another game and forgot, and then later, well... you know.
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    For some reason my track [Jelly]Tokyo 2049 was deleted. I made the track brighter and put it back up. I am finishing up a new track right now so consider this an appetizer. Should have the new one on track central in a few days.
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    New track [Jelly] Half Life: Alyx is up
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    2 new tracks up. Both inspired by previous Evolution tracks of mine.

    [Jelly]Going Back - You must go backwards down the whole course before you can go forward. I made two tracks like this in the Evo days.

    [Jelly]Inner Peace - No gas. The right trigger instead pulls the rider down. Use momentum to get through the track.

    Have fun and tell me what you think.
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