Hello guys,

I donīt know how many people in Trials care about tandem mode, because I am new to the game. Nevertheless I like the this mode a lot and I think it sucks, that when searching for tracks there is not the option to chose, which bike a track is suitable for.

Thatswhy I wanted to ask the community for help. If you enjoy tandem mode aswell or at least know nice tracks, which are playable together on the tandem bike, please post their names underneath this. Iīm looking for technical tracks with difficulties from medium to extreme/ninja, but feel free to share cool easy ones aswell, if you like to. Make sure, that you mention the difficulty aswell please.
As I said, I am kinda new to the game, so please donīt only post extremely difficult ones, but also some medium and hard tracks.

I will start off with some tracks Iīve already found, that - according to youtube - are the hardest tandem tracks in the game:

Klondike Gold Rush
Corky Construction
Car Park Club
Sewer Rat
Desolate Dome

Kind Regards, nk