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    Uplay Charged & No Division 2


    Last night was purchasing the Division 2 standard game through Uplay store web browser payment was successful account has been charged 89.95 didn't receive copy of game and an error 404 at completion with no order history or anything displaying

    Next used the Uplay app (up to date version) same thing 404 error at completion and still charged 89.95 no game in my library.

    So out of pocket $180 no Game and no Fix or reply from Ubi

    Would appreciate a solution and prompt reply

    Tweet below to Ubisoft support still no response


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    Same thing happenend to me last night purchased charged my card but no game sent in ticket still waiting on a reply!!
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    Me too.

    I have placed a ticket on 12.03 and still no answer.
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    ubi--unicorn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys. Moving this to our Division 2 forums. If you've created a ticket, please comment the ticket number below. Thanks!
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    any updates on this issue?? im out 120 and no game need refund. please figure out ubisoft.ticket number- 08392486
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    Case number
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    Same here.

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    Case #

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    Support Ticket

    TIcket #08394733
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