Hi i have the Ubisoft Club app on my console and i went to look at the rewards and i must say there is alot and alot of free stuff I have 2 Questions about two of the rewards which are not very clear to me.

Question one.

I see a FREE Supply Crate when i click it it says reward for completing Dark Zone Introduction mission in Open Beta.

MY question do you mean the BETA DEMO that came before the full game ? or is this in the Full game that came out on 15TH March ?

Question two.

Pathfinder Ampatch Show case to other players you know how to find the right path. Stay Tuned for more info on thedivisongame.com

Does this mean i need to keep checking the website ? or do i have log in or something ?

Thank you. if a Ubisoft staff mod can make this a little more clearer this would be of some help.