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    New Update - Orbie's Quest!

    Howdy Y'all!

    An Alien Spaceship has crashed in the Frontier!
    Help Orbie by finding the scattered Energy Cores required to repair his Spaceship, to get him to planet Orbax!!

    What's it about? - Collect all 'Energy Cores' to help fix Orbie's Spaceship!

    Introducing Orbie

    Meet Orbie - an explorer who travels across the Universe for the sole love of intergalactic travel!
    Alienated in the Frontier due to a space-shipwreck, 'Orbie' needs your help to get back to Planet Orbax!

    How do I collect Energy Cores?

    You are given 5 tracks every few hours to search for Energy Cores, and one of those tracks is guaranteed to have a hidden Energy Core on it.

    You are rewarded with track pieces for brand-new tracks after finding a certain number of Energy Cores, over the course of the event!

    Energy Cores can be collected even after you crash and some of them are in extremely tricky locations. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid missing out on 'em!

    Additionally, you may get bonus Energy Cores on the Loot Wheel immediately after collecting Energy Cores on the tracks and they’ll be added to your stockpile!

    Psst … Get a Hint!

    In case you're having a hard time finding Energy Cores on these tracks, you can purchase hints (for 15 gems each), which reveal tracks that definitely do not contain any Energy Cores.

    You may purchase up to 4 hints per Quest.

    It doesn’t get any better than this!

    The Quest Leaderboard

    Check out how many Energy Cores have been collected by the Riders in the Frontier, on the Quest Leaderboard!
    You’ll be able to see your rank on the Quest Leaderboard, and the top 5% of the riders will get ‘Frostbite’ – a chill new track!

    The Rewards!

    - 5 New Tracks!
    - 2 Classic Outfits – Wurst Racer, Undead Rider
    - 2 Classic paintjobs – Berserker ‘Spirits’ Paintjob, Phantom ‘Noble’ Paintjob
    - 1 Exclusive track for the Top 5% in the overall event

    What else is new?

    - The otherworldly 'Orbie' outfit!

    - The brand new 'Extraterrestrial' Paintjob for Marauder!

    Collect Energy Cores and help Orbie get home to Orbax!
    For any questions or feedback about this update, do let us know as a response to this thread.
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    Already got both paint jobs and outfits

    So only tracks to play for.

    Also how has the power of the event managed to get 115 cores in less than 2 hours?
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    Please where is the energy core on the map Procesing Center. I can't find him.
    I think this is a game error.
    I have Sony xz2 compact (Android 9)
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    Yes!!! I've been wanting a hidden hunt for a long time. Thank you!!!
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    Originally Posted by cartwir Go to original post
    Please where is the energy core on the map Procesing Center. I can't find him.
    I think this is a game error.
    I have Sony xz2 compact (Android 9)
    Hi cartwir I can't find it either. Iv'e tried crashing all overthe place and still no joy
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    It would be great to have these paintjobs as rewards in future events, not just repeating the same paintjobs that most of the veteran players already have http://tf.lforo.com/img/paintjobs/bike_11_paint_01.png http://tf.lforo.com/img/paintjobs/bike_11_paint_02.png http://tf.lforo.com/img/paintjobs/bike_10_paint_01.png http://tf.lforo.com/img/paintjobs/bike_19_paint_01.png
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    I found it. I'll give you a hint it's at the very beginning of the track not seen in the frame. You'll have to sacrifice your rider to get it.
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    Unfortunately RL went back to events when things to find aren't visible, so players have to check every existing holes on the map. Last event didn't have this and it was much much better and now this is again so crappy.

    It's in the first gap, just after the start and you need to wait few seconds to let player reach bottom.
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    I try to claim rewards but when I press the button claim all rewards it doesn't do anything.
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    Is it random if i get 2,6 or 12 Energy Cores on the Loot Wheel? Or is there a system?
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