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    Gamebreaking Skills Bug - The Division 2

    Since the patch today, my game is broken. All skills, when activated, deactivate themselves and trigger a 15 second cool down. This happens without fail. I have restarted the application twice. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Yes it’s the same for me skills disappear after they are activated. When is this getting fixed ? It was working fine before maintenance. Are Ubisoft aware of this issue?
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    I'm sorry to hear you all are having this odd issue with skills! I've passed this onto the team. If you have any video or screenshots, please let us know.
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    Yes I'm having the same issues with skills.
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    Same for me!
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    Yep...me too.

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    Horrible.... Thoroughly Disappointing!

    Me too....my missions reset themselves. Some of the them disappears off of the gane. My supply drop...Gone! What supply drop. The NPCs disappear. It's horrible! i expected so much more from a game that har two individual beta testings! im thoroughly disappointed
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    Same here, it isn't every time but enough that skills cannot be counted on to work when we need them.
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