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    Unable to Matchmake on Xbox One [bugged matchmaking]

    I am reporting bugged matchmaking on Xbox One, which may or may not relate to the Henry Hayes glitch, where the story won’t progress. Please look into players being unable to find teammates through matchmaking in probable accompaniment with the Hayes issues. There aren’t even any players on my servers in the Dark Zone. I have tried logging out, closing and reopening the application, shutting down the system, and restarting the modem, to no avail. I know it’s not my internet anyway, because I have the Division 2 on PS4 also, and I can find a group there. Please fix ASAP!
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    Hey VeganGnosis, just to rule out connection issues completely, can you try these steps?
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    Originally Posted by ubi--unicorn Go to original post
    Hey VeganGnosis, just to rule out connection issues completely, can you try these steps?
    Hi, ubi—unicorn ~ that’s so strange! I knew there wasn’t a problem with my internet or the game directly, but there appear to be some Xbox Live service issues for social and gaming, which make XBL temporarily available. At least that’s what my system tells me. Thanks for the help. All should be well unless the problem persists after services return.
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    Okay, so I’m still not able to matchmake today. Even though Xbox Live still says it has issues, it says my network is good. The problem is that now I can’t find a match on PlayStation Network either, even though the safe houses are bustling with people. The Xbox Live stress test says my network connection is good and that the problem is on their end. When I test my connection on PlayStation, it says I am connected to the internet and everything is fine. I have a Type 2 connection, but that has never hurt any of my games before. I played Division 1 since it came out and never had this problem. I’m not techy, so I don’t know how to access my router from my PC, etc. Please tell me what to do so I can play.

    Edit: Alright well it’s definitely the Division 2 game, or at least my connection to it. I was just able to matchmake on both the Division 1 and Anthem on Xbox One without issue. I still can’t find a team on the Division 2. This is a huge issue for me, because my friends are all on PS.
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