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    Possible xp glitch

    After leveling up my first character and advancing to world tier 2 I found out the hard way that you different tier have different vendor items. So I decided to start my second character to get the blueprint I wanted.

    Now when starting my second character, i decided to play with my friend that is level 30. After we completed the Jefferson Trade Plaza mission it unlocks new missions to complete (Im pretty sure thatís the mission that opens your map and shows you all the new missions). So now, since my level 30 friend was in the game the mission reward xp scaled to what would be given out if you were level 30. As a level 6 my next side mission gave me around 125000 xp.

    I donít know if this is intentional or not l, but it doesnít seem like it is. I hope this is the correct way to report this.

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    Hey weezy,

    Thanks a lot for notifying us of this. I'll pass this info along so we can review whether this is intentional or not.

    We will get back to you here if we need any further info about this
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