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    Character change in new expansion?

    I heard that they will add in new character facial features in the warlords of New York expansion based on the faces from The division.

    Will we be able to finally change gender, facial feature and etc in the new expansion without creating a new character?

    My guy is ugly due to the facial glitch since the first week and the dev team said they would resolve the issue, this is the perfect time for this.
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    I hope so. I just downloaded the game again after i stopped playing because of the bug (about 300 days ago), and to my "surprise" i came back to the same ugly face with still no way to change it back. I am really unsure if i am ever going to play this again if i never will be able to change it back. And no way am i going to start a new character after the grind i went through before the bug hit me!
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    Same situation. Character's face changed and really made it hard for me to want to continue to play. I'm ready to come back and even purchase the expansion, but it's been 11 months and no word from Massive on how they can fix this bug and return our characters to original. Massive - if this can't be fixed, will there be a way to edit a character's appearance in the new expansion?
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