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    Originally Posted by Hakgova Go to original post
    I am interested in WHEN the beta will begin? Any guess?
    I guess late 2020 or 2021. I am up for surprises tho.
    The issue is we don't know if their current game is feature complete.
    Last talks around that were that tech is coming together which is an indicator of some kind of Alpha version.

    And I only think it is that early because I would suspect that the Beta doesn't need to feature all planets.
    So nobody is certain. I am pretty sure the devs are uncertain too. After all the classic "It is ready when it is ready" gives them time.
    Don't wanna overload the devs after all.

    Just my opinion. We clearly do not know at what stage they consider the game to be ready for feedback.

    Sign up process can be found here: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.ph...1#post14126547
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    Probably not before the holiday season, they said 2019, but I can't imagine a summer or fall playable beta. Can't wait!
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    Id like to play Beta aswell, I'm waitn for BGE2 more than any E3 title 2019 pronounced...

    I really hope game is gettn finished before its outdated... (like Naval Action)

    So Long
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    Beta access pages

    For me https://account.ubisoft.com/en-GB/beta-access shows that I've signed up for Beta and which platform:
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    I did not receive an email about beta.! but I sure I will. I can't wait to test this game! I am up to date on all alpha's and beta's..call it a hobby, I am very helpful too!
    that said this game looks unique, amazing...take your time! I feel this game will be one of the greatest! we don't care about the time of release ( I speak for myself actually )
    Loving the characters, did I see a panda?!
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    I havent recieved an email yet either, I was an early bird too when registrations began. Also I kinda forgot the min spec requirements, I am currently upgrading my PC and want to make sure that I can create a beast that can play the game in high-ultra settings.
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    When the beta start? Old news tell, that end of 2019... has it been delayed?

    EDIT: I have signed ages ago ;-)
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    Hello! I signed up for the Space Monkey program, but i did not got the e-mail. I signed up ~ in 2018 after E3 ... so not nowdays. I have cool concept arts and models, and i wanna share it.
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    How to get Beta Access?

    I applied for about a 6 moths ago, but didn't get any emai.
    What i need to do to get beta?
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