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    Help... Payment pending since monday..

    So I pre ordered the game on Monday and my cc company it's on ubisofts end and they're waiting on them to accept the money.... I've been waiting for a response for cs for over 72 hours now... and not a single reply on how to cancel my non existant order or whether or not I actually own the game? or if the transaction will clear when the game releases? Like I don't exactly have much expendable income and paying 90$ for a game really hurts... and hurts even worse when your money is held in limbo with nothing to show for it and you're being ignored by the company you purchased it from. I should add I bought it from the Uplay store..Could someone from Ubisoft please un**** this for me? cause the customer service isn't going to respond by the time the game releases tonight...
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    Bump? Anyone else have this happen? if so how did you fix it or how do I cancel my order and get my 90$ back?
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    Hello Ascended696. Please note bumping is against forum rules. We are working to answer as many forum posts as we can.
    I did check your account, and can see there was a purchase attempt, but you should not have been charged. Please note that the authorization hold should be released back to your account in up to 10 business days. You can read about this issue here. We do not have the ability to expedite the removal of the hold from your statement. If you do not get it back after 10 business days, we recommend reaching out to your regional shop team.
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