Playing on Xbox 1 X. Currently 3:06am EDT US (I have spent a little while trying to work around it, go back to the elevator, shoot at him.....) Doing the Viewpoint mission, one of the True Sons ran past me to the stairs (to the right of the EMP), and disappeared. Now I have 1 enemy left and the marker is inside the right stair well (like directly under the stairs).

Coming from the roof to the third EMP, on the "outside" stairwell, he's on the right side of the higher set of stairs, near the EMP, but under the stairs. Or... If you go all the way down to the landing, turn the corner and face the EMP, it will be on the right side of the alcove, the True Son is under the stairwell on your right. Or... If I stand on the right side of the EMP facing the wall under the stairs, he's at my height (going by the orange marker), and the mini map has a red circle around me, but he's under the stairs and I can't shoot him, both from the EMP and the stairs. I tried walking around on the stairs, but I couldn't find a spot where I would fall in too. Sorry trying to be clear on location. I do have screen caps if you need them. I can't shoot him, and he can't shoot me, he does keep mouthing off, but that's par, lol.

Other than this and minor stuff, great game, really enjoy playing,,worth the wait.

Thank you,