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    I can't delete the same gun... it's the one you get as reward from ubiclub.
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    I have this problem.

    The MPX which was given as a gift cannot be sold nor deconstruct.

    the MPX is level 3 and I'm level 30 tiers 3 .

    I can put it in the stash (stock, reserve, etc....) but can't mark it as sweep and can't sell it.

    Thanks for help
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    I'm not sure what I did to purge the MPX from my inventory. But I'm pretty confident that I donated it for a project was the workaround I found.
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    Worked for me.

    Transfer the talent to another SMG with the Recalibration Station, the blue MPX will be destroy in the process.
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    Same problem with level 3 blue MPX.
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    Same on ps4
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    Having the same issue unable to deconstruc any items in my inventory. I accept and it just says “no materials received.”

    I'm in level 11, on Xbox one S.

    Hope to have a fix / patch soon. I'm really enjoying the game. Can't wait to go back and play it.
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    Has been fixed

    ty for help
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