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    Cityscapes: Districts of Ganesha City, Part 1

    Hi, Space Monkeys!

    Delve deeper into Ganesha City, and learn more details about the Old City and Entertainment Districts in our latest world article "Cityscapes: Districts of Ganesha City, Part 1."

    While you are at it, make sure to share and inspire the dev team with your ideas: playing Beyond Good and Evil 2 as a Space Pirate Captain, what kind of trouble can you imagine yourself getting into while exploring these two districts? What sorts of coop missions would you like to do with your fleet of pirate friends as you make a name for yourself in Ganesha City?

    Share your thoughts below!
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    Whatever the mission in Coop looks like it would be neat if some of them had a very simple twist. Each player has to do a separate task at least in one quest.
    Kind of like Gears of War in Coop where you would split up sometimes but still work together.
    Something along these lines (if done a bit more often) would inspire more Coop play in my opinion.

    Also "Veterans" within the game would get new tasks in a quest they know.
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    By the description I already expect an underground casino subplot: you hear a rumor in a bar, you check out local gambling spot, you partner makes a bet, the banker cheats and you now have a large debt and a tracking implant, you look around talking to people, learn that those who can't pay in time get kidnapped and sold to slavery, you bust in to kick every slave trader, but the leader escapes, and you take down their branches and sponsors one by one.
    The Old City sounds like something where an Indiana Jones / Lara Croft story would take place, with the most of the game's background lore revealed as you progress the dungeons. And of course a source of relics you can sell on a black market.
    If possible, I would also like to see small districts/cities based on Persian, British and Buddhist influences, or addressing their long multi-tribal history.
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    Casino Royale

    You and your fleet of pirates must coordinate and work together to free as many slaves as possible. One team sets up a heist at the casino to cause a ruckus and a scene, while Zhou and company are distracted, the other team has to use stealth tactics to get in to the slave quarters to free them before time runs out. If executed correctly there would be bonuses to the heist and freed slaves would join the cause, bolstering the fleets.
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    i would like to do somekind like area capturing missions where therse exemple a illegal gun/drug related shop or gang place and when u capture the area then u get like street credit and people of that are would respect you more. It would be like your safe zone, when you get in to droble, then people of that area would back you of. And i mean the people who are doing kinda like illegal ****, not the shop owners exemple. Thank you.
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    I would love to see some bigger heists that you can do in coop.
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    I want to liberate slaves from Blood Sports! I also want to take down gambling organizations that keep slaves stuck in systems of oppression!

    I would love to see a risk/reward system in place so that players could effectively choose the difficulty of some of these tasks. Maybe everything is sort of challenging, but you are allowed to cheat in various ways at Blood Sports or Racing. But, if you cheat, you don't get as much whatever it is you were originally going to receive.

    I want to get evidence on folks doing unsavory research on Hybrids. Above or below in the city of Ganesha. And Like Legion-495 said, it would be so cool to engage in some missions where you have to split up and accomplish different tasks. It makes me think of We Were Here, but also the original Beyond Good and Evil where you had to work together to stand on levers or turn off laser beams, etc.

    -The Mildly Morose Man
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    Inside The Great Statues

    I would love for one of the statues of Ganesha at least to be hollowed out, as a metaphor for the spiritual materialism and two-faced nature of the upper world which is all geared towards spirituality-seeking tourists, yet the irony is that they practice oppression and segregation of those below, who in fact built what they are standing on. A vast interior of a Ganesha statue, I think it could be quite powerful. As for who would dwell there, some potions would be a garish shopping centre, or even have it be overrun by resentful hybrids, to represent the anger and frustration boiling just below the surface, behind the spiritual facade. Then, to counterbalance this, we see humble, daily-kept shrines deep below, where the hybrids are, and where the Gods’ eyes are turned most, caring for their chosen children, the hybrids.
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    Black Markets

    The Black Player-Driven Markets

    This is a story that I wrote due to the possibility of a Player-Driven Black market.

    I would really love to see that. Either to set up a black market in the City, or even set it up in your ship!

    Sending out a signal to other players that you are open for business.
    But it might just not be the kind of business that you would like, imagine if you could raid the black market a player set up. And imagine setting up a black market with enough back up to stop the raiders. Kinda a high risk, high rewards situation.
    And just maybe, might be too much, having a military faction that hunts black markets, could be the bad guys in the story, detecting that you have set up a black market. Which set up for a epic Player VS NPC space fight.

    Because we will be doing heist and raiding places for parts to our ships and guns and whatnot, I mean, the game isn't out yet, but who knows. But setting up a market where you can sell the goods that you have found, making high-end gear vaulable to other players, and not only selling them but the possibility of raiding and getting out with a massive load of gear and other things!

    Again, got inspired, as I am very hyped about the game!
    This is the story of Bee and HT, (don't really know what HT means, but whatevs.) Where they failed a heist and are out of money. They See a signal that a black market opened up, and it turnes out it more of what they asked for!

    It's the kind of player-driven story that could happen if black markets could be a thing. Of course, it's very over the top of what the game might be in the end if it comes true and such, but, it inspierd me to write a story about it! would be super cool if it inpired you too!

    Please enjoy!

    Story of many, Bee & HT

    HT - Damn it... *Smash*
    You fu*ked up the heist... again...

    Bee - How was I suppose to know that there were Alarm Lizards... They are so tiny and slippery...

    HT - If you looked at the label on the front door you would have known...


    Bee - Aaargh... Hey.. uncalled for.. I mean we got away, didn't we?

    HT - If you mean by getting away, that we lost our only tools for another heist...

    Bee - Well...

    HT - and.. AND.. our ...ONLY firearms... SUUuurree... we got away... got away just fine...

    Bee - I mea..n.. we still have our Ship a.. an..and our masks!

    HT - You mean kids paint job on a paper-plate and a flying piece of a bucket of bolts... Then yeah... thank the Holy Divinity Ganesh we still got that...

    *stare out into space*

    Bee - We could.. aaa...

    *Beep Beep*

    Bee - uh.. Oh!! Hey, look! A black market just popped up!

    HT - Aannnnd...? They pop up all the time! and usually, they only stay open for one or two sales then run away before the Space pigs arrive.
    Others will have gotten there waaaaaay before we get there and even if we would get there in time, I bet only a few Buckazoids would be left behind... Not even worth a
    good meal in Ganesha City. huh.

    *heavy exhale*

    Bee - Maybe.. *small grin*... This black market is only a few parsecs away! Plus, none treks this way either! Nothing but empty cold rocks out here!
    Perfect place for a Black Market, what would you say?! There could be a few items we could buy, aaaaaaand maybeee.. even sell what we can get in Ganesha City to get a good meal!

    HT - *sighs*

    Bee - Come on!! *bump on the shoulder*

    HT - *Tssk.. stare*

    Bee - That's the spirit!
    Maybe we could get something really cheap! And trick some dumb tourist in Ganesha City, they are always on the lookout for trinkets and gobbles!

    HT - Sure.. whatever...

    //Time Pass

    // The small ship in the distance comes into view, as they are getting closer they notice that it's still haven't gotten any visitors yet.

    Bee - Hey, see, probably someone new that just what to sell some junk that they found!

    HT - Probably not worth it... if you ask me...

    Bee - Well, who knows, we might get something good out of this! They probably don't even know the value of what they are selling! *laughs slightly* he he he... aaa ...

    //They pull up along side the strange looking ship. It has an unfamiliar sigil on the side of its round wings. The cockpit is dark by the tinted windows, can barely make out a figure in there, slightly lit up by the electonics.

    Bee - Doesn't look like much of a trader. Let's see if they answer the comms.

    *buzzing, then ZAP*

    Trade or selling?
    //A strange and robotic voice comes through the speakers. Almost like they distorted the voice.

    Bee - Umm... *looking over to HT*

    HT - Yes? You said you wanted to trade, didn't you?

    Bee - errr... Yes, sir.. ma'm...

    HT - *Facepalm*

    Bee - heeey... *looking back at HT* ... Ummm ...ye.. YES!... yes, we would like to trade! May we browse your wares?

    //Now multiple voices can be heard, all static and distorted.

    *Buzzzzzs ZAP!*

    //They look at each other.

    Bee - Okay... Sure *nervously pulling the thrusters on*

    //The speakers went silence.

    HT - Ooookey..... *Looking at the strange ship then back at Bee* What kind of mess have you gotten us into now?

    Bee - To be honest, I don't really know. *Nervously steering the ship behind the trader*

    //The strange trader pulls the ship into a cluster of asteroids, not too hard to navigate but due to the magnetic fields, the ship's navigator gets jammed.

    HT - I have a baaaad feeling about this...

    //Now they both are feeling nervous.

    //The strange ship curves alongside a huge asteroid, probably the center in this cluster of asteroids. As they come around it, a gigantic Freighter comes into view. Massive with its huge hull and massive body of a ship. Along side the top is mounted turrets, clearly modded and converted to fit the huge ship. Beside it, smaller but much bigger ship than theirs is docked to the huge hull.

    Bee - Ummm... that's a big ship...

    HT - Yea.. and look..!

    // Besides them, a squadron of smaller fighters flies by in a V-formation.

    HT - They sure got this place secured.

    //They look out at the marvel, too many ships to count. Bee and HT are in awe. ... When Suddenly.

    *Buzzzs ZAP*
    Dock here.

    //The navigator turns back on. Showing a location on the huge ship where they should dock.

    Bee - Th..thank you!
    //The speaker went to silence before Bee could finish.

    HT - I guess that's it. We are dead.

    Bee - Nooo noo.. this is way too big for a slave trader.
    This kind of operation is more than only one kind of business.

    //They pull up alongside a docking station. The airlock slowly pulls out of the hull and dock with their ship.

    HT - Time to get shot and become food for a space dog.

    Bee - Have some faith, will you?

    HT - Ummm... You know, I just remembered where the sigil came from... and well... let's just say, we do what they tell us, and we might just get out alive.

    Bee - Well, let's hope they fed the dog before we got here!

    //They walk into the airlock. Crack!! BUZZZ!!

    HT - We are dead.

    //Speakers turns on. A feminine voice comes out from the speaker at the end of the airlock.

    s..s.Ss..Sorrry! The airlock isn't what it used to be like! No worries tho! Never had the airlock explode in aaages! ... atleast for a few days... But never mind that!

    HT - That's.. umm comforting. *Looks at Bee*

    Host - Uno momento.ooo... THERE! Welcome to the GREAT Larzetto Bazar!

    //The door in front of them opens up and fils the airlock with a strong warm light.
    //They walk out of the airlock finding the one on the other side of the speaker just now.

    Host - Here.. *Pulls out a two datapads with a map from behind the desk* This will help you get around, we got guns on the third floor, you are on the 36th right now, on the 5th floor we got some reaaally pretty ships, some new some ummm well, gifted.. *nervous giggle* he hihi... for our great course. On the 85th floor you will find snacks and other delis, I recommend the grilled Ortolan, they are in season right now, got such a lovely blue color. And .. umm if you are here for some "Special services" ...*Giggle* he he.. on the 1th floor, behind the giant pullsating tube. *Creepy smile* mhmmm **giggle* looks up and down on them* ... Well, I hope you will have a nice visit, and good luuuuuuck!!

    //The host slowly walks away and returns to her station.

    HT - aahuuuuuuummm... This was your plan. Now what?

    Bee - Whaa... I .. aaa... * sigh* Okay, so. uuuuugghhh ...What kind of money do we have?

    HT - Do you mean the money that's in the bank? That we were supposed to STEAL? And NOT have to go to the BIGGEST black market around?

    Bee - Shhuuuuu shuuuu ... Quiet, we don't want to attract attention...

    HT - Oh really? In a black market? You don't think everyone here has stolen things and planed a heist before? I don't even think the plebs in this place would allow us to sit at thier table...

    Bee - Well maybe we could sell what we got and then maybe get some money out this place. It is a black market after all. Only money runs a place like this.

    HT - *sighs* ... might aswell. I got this moded knife, might get some something for it. Let's split up. ... maybe even this stupid mask..

    Bee - Hey, I made that!

    HT - *glare*

    Bee - .. Fine.

    Let's meet back here in an hour.

    HT - Sure. *Already looking at the marvel of a market*

    //The interior almost feels bigger than what the ship looked like, even if it was a giant of a ship.

    Bee - Let's see, floor 89th - Heavy turrets.. no... Floor 54 - All the fashion you need! maybe later... Floor 102 - Space dogs .. Huh.. well, let's just explore... *Bee whispered*

    //It wasn't long till the gang found some low-end trinkets they could buy and sell at another stall to earn some money. They walked and walked, went to floor to floor, finding and selling things from other pirates and scumy "cooporations" as they were calling themselves. Making some money along the way.

    HT - Better start to get back, been a while now.

    //As HT was walking back he notices a few shady individuals, looking at some heavy weapons. The faces had masks on them and wore a shady outfit covering head to toes.
    As HT was watching them from a distance, one of the individuals that wore the same outfit, pulled out his arm from the cloak, it was looking HTs way. HT quickly hid behind some rugs. The cloaked figure pulled out its hand and put it to what seamed to be behind the mask. Was it calling someone? On the figures hand, was a sigil. A sigil all pirates knows. It was the sigil of a offical military faction, mainly one that hunts pirates... HT started walking bakwards, away from them.


    //HT walked straight into one of the cloaked figures. HT stod frozen.

    Cloaked figure - Sorry...

    //The cloaked figure walked by him.

    HY - No worries... *HT said stale and dry*

    //Staring into nothingness, HT came back into reality. Notice someone was running. Bee grabbed HTs arm..

    Bee - We need to go.

    HT - Ye... YES! yes, We do! *Still shocked from the unfortunate bump-in*

    //They were walking back to the airlock they came from, trying not to attract attention. As they were heading back both started noticing more and more of the cloaked figures.

    Bee - You are seeing them too, right..?.

    HT - Yeap. Told you this was a bad idea!

    Bee - If we just keep our cool we won't get caught!

    HT - I hope you are right...

    //They got back to the airlock. Noticing the host was gone. Now replaced by one of the cloaked figures.

    Bee - What do we do?!

    HT - Don't panic! *Whispered in panic mode*

    Bee - Your panicking! *Whispering*

    HT - IM NOT! *Whispered with the teeth clenched *

    //Another cloaked figure appeared and talked to the guard for a moment, and both walked away.

    HT - Now.

    //They walked up to the airlock. Took a look at the keylock. Pressed open. They went in. Leaving the Datapads on the desk by the door where they saw the Host get them.

    Bee - Let's get the hell out of here!

    HT - The best idea you had all day!

    Bee - Shut up...

    //The engine of the ship they call home, spun up.. slowly.


    //Screams and yelling, then gunshots came echoing through the airlock. They tried detached themselves from the airlock. But it seemed like only the one on the inside could do that.

    HT - Someone has to go back in!

    Bee - ****. Alright, I go.

    HT - Fu*K! I go.

    //HT went back into the airlock when an explosion and a wave of air came through the tunnel. HT flew back into the ship.

    HT - CLOSE IT! *HT yelled, scratching the back of the head!*

    Bee - FUU*K ****!!

    //Bee closed the hatch of the ship. Then another loud explosion came, hitting the ship. The Ship rocked away, spinning through space.

    Bee & HT - SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! *They yelled in unison*

    //Bee gained control of the ship. A big ship flew right in front of them.


    //Infront of them they see multiple military ships beaming in from hyperspace, making an ear-deafening sound as they came into space.

    HT - This is a fu'king military operation!

    Bee - I CAN SEE THAT!!

    HT - Holy ****! Holy ****!! HOLY ****!!

    //More and more ship came beaming in! Other ships escaping, most likely traders, trying to get away. Ship after ship got either blown up or got away.

    HT - Get us away from here NOOOOW!!!

    Bee - The navigator is still ***ed!!

    HT - JUST GOOOOO!!!!

    Bee - SHIIT!

    //There was now ships everywhere, debris from the unfortunate ones came flying by from the huge explosions! Was impossible to evade all the fire and debris!

    Bee - Now this is a DEATH RACE!!

    //Something hit the left wing making the ship spinn a few turns then flatten out again!

    HT - ARE you trying to get us killed!?

    Bee - THIS IS NOT EASY!!

    //The ship's interior started shaking from all the explosions and debris that hit it! A red light went off everywhere! BOOM! Smoke started coming out from the back!

    HT - What did you hit!!??

    Bee - I DIDNT HIT ANYTHING! It was the engine! It's overloaded!

    HT - ****! I'm on it!

    // They finally got out of the debris that flew by! And most of the military vessels have now passed.

    Bee - Holy shiiiit!! Hows it looking! Is she holding!?

    HT - The fu*k did you do to it?

    Bee - Did you not notice the WAR OUTSIDE?!

    I had to push her!

    // The navigator turned back on, making the interior light up a bit more.

    Bee - LET'S GO!!

    HT - Where!?

    Bee - Ganesha City!!

    HT - What!? why?!

    Bee - To get a good meal of course! *Laughing loudly!*

    //HT laughed with him! The ship beamed away from the warfare. Leaving only a beam of light behind them.


    Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

    I hope you liked it!

    Personally, i can't wait to play the game, with black market or not!

    Stay safe out there Space monkeys!


    By Johannes Othen,
    Socials: Jojokeyframe
    Email: Johannes.othen@gmail.com


    Side notes - --- -

    Black Markets on the ship

    Sending out a signal to players that you are open for business

    Players can land on your ship if it allows it, if not, Docking? or just line up against the other ship to start trading.

    Anti-BlackMarket forces? Other player Pirates and/or NPC Space Police Enforcment? OR.. Both? High risk, high gain! The closer to a Civil planet, the faster the NPC Space Police can ditect you, and due to higher numbers of players, the higher is the risk they might attack.
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    In your video games & in System 3

    Interactions Between The Districts

    Hello Space Monkey Pirate Captains ,

    First I believe everyone is putting in beautiful ideas in for the city of Ganesha and its districts. The more concepts that can inspire the developers for the scale that is to be filled with life the better. Next, I believe that the following concepts listed below might help further the filling in such a large scale ambition.

    In the concept of your reputation, rank, notoriety, race, and decisions you make as captain:
    Not every individual in System 3 will agree with everything you choose to make or choice to choose. Your decisions have good and evil consequences in the places you visit and the parts of the districts you have to travel to for tasks, exploration, or progress. One of these consequences can be space pirate rival gangs who have a different purpose than yours with the government or in beliefs. Let's say you chose to be a hybrid, and you're entitled to live as a slave and be worth nothing more... instead... you rebel and take action to how you are being treated. Any decision you make, regardless of race, pirate captain rank, your level, should have a rippling reaction throughout the city of every district in all of System 3. Any decision you make, can hinder or help the process of obtaining what you seek in System 3. In BGE2, there should always be a variety of decisions you can make, and no two should feel the same on a journey due to the real-time passing. Offers come, and offers go with time continuously like in a realistic scale. Based on your notoriety in the game, prestige and fame you have grown into a reputation, and race that you are will determine who exactly hates you and your guts. On my the thread BGE2: A Space Monkey's Experience, I went over a concept, "With the choices you make in the BGE2 universe, the more wrong or right decisions you make you can increase the alert meter, where you will make the police (or an enemy space pirate faction) more and more infuriated and they may eventually send tons of motherships after you when you reach a certain criminal alert level. " I believe this alert meter should be system wide, or individual planet based as well for conflict in space travel in sectors. Naturally, there should be a variety of personalities in the districts from all kinds of people: hybrids, humans, animals, ect. A personality can be a individual NPC on a random basis may try to urge a fight or start the fight, try to steal from you, try to help you if they like you and offer items or progress. Maybe they want to urge you to buy something, or to trade. The person that wants to help you could lower the alert meter if you wanted help or give you something. The helpful person that supports your cause will have a random offering each time. Same goes for the person that wants to trade or for you to buy, as well for the different kinds of fights, airborne, land, ect. You can choose whether or not you want the help, sometimes whether or not you want to start a fight because other times people will want to fight you. If a fight breaks out, that could potentially put your reputation at risk with a faction depending on the decision you make, and it will also increase the alert meter. When someone steals from you it could be someone hacking you from a distance, someone pick pocketing you or using an augment to steal from you. An NPC or player should be able to steal anything from you in real-time, even where your ships are parked! Keep them safe with high-security... but even then you still have to take back what was stolen in an ever-challenging universe. Stealing back what was already yours does still increase the alert meter. Remember the looters from Beyond Good & Evil? We should still have them in a way, and the pursuit from someone who steals from you in BGE2 should be either challenging or funny. There will always be that failure-prone thief who doesn't have his or her gear straight. All of these ideas are examples of personalities that we could encounter in districts, and whether or not they like you will be determined by everything you do in System 3. You could be inches from having motherships chase you off planet, and a simple angry fight could trigger that alert level. When the alert level is triggered, there should be a hunt for the player. Not always accurate, but part of the time they will know right where to find you. The alert meter will decrease overtime, or when you keep low profile slowly. Each NPC you encounter will have something to offer on a random basis, good or evil. Players should also be able to select their own personality and traits of their character, which influences how people view you. Not every NPC would have something to offer all the time, but they each can offer inside, conversation, and information about places and things you might be searching for during progress. Whether or not they want to speak with you will be determined by your space pirate rank.. your level... your race... and your personality or traits.

    In the concept of flying, using augments, or driving in areas you should not:
    Don't you think it would be rude if you could just blow your jets near people or fly your ship in their territory/faces when they hate you? Maybe you're not welcome to a city or location. Everyone is used to accidents by now... but... it would still be weird without some interaction here. On a side note, accidents in real-time from any type of vehicle and fights should affect progress in districts and damage them to repair overtime. Even if they do not hate you, I think NPCs should be interactive to how the player approaches them or passes through. In this concept, there should be some physics involved, even when a player runs into another player. Running rudely or pushing NPC/player to the side can also cause a bad chain-reaction. I think it would startle a player, or NPC when jetpacks are lit near them, or a ship nearly collided with an NPC or player. Horns will honk or sounds will go off, people will yell in another language, and people fleeing in fear. Vehicles will steer out of the way in different directions or cause accidents. On another side note, in space travel accidents can happen with real-time, or perhaps, someone wants to collide into you and make you blowup. You can harvest NPC ships or leftovers of technology from fights or space junk accidents, but you might fight scavengers and looters. If an augment or weapon was used, it should definitely get everyone's attention and even cause some people to run in fear. Imagine you had to race in areas that were forbidden, there would always be someone faster and better than you, you would have to say sorry to a lot of individuals to make up for almost running them over or hitting them with jetpack fumes. Based on the personality like I discussed in the previous concept, the individual might not be afraid and might even become furious over you lighting your jetpack fumes or ship in their face. The personality of the individual may even grab their own equipment or ship to try to shoot you down for being rude. Anytime you make a rude decision like this to an NPC, even by accident, it definitely can raise the alert meter of the specified faction. All NPCs or players should have some sort of physic involved related to being hit, almost being hit, or being startled. In some cases, certain breeds could be extremely light, a simple collision could send them across the district, make it funny! Being a new driver in BGE2 can be devastating as you would probably infuriate NPCs and even your own player friendlies or enemies. Your own collisions with the district will affect progress, tasks that are available, and things that need to be repaired too, besides fights that will occur that cause damage to the surrounding areas. Your ship might have had a crash from a malfunction, but even if it was not your fault, which can be based on your charisma, you make people unhappy. For every type of NPC, for example, a merchant, there should be destructible objects such as wares, pots, glass, fine art, throughout the district. Maybe there's a random collectible here and there when you destroy these objects, but you risk making others unhappy and slowing down supply chains. Perhaps... you intended to slow down the player or enemy faction's supply chain or artworks of the district area. Destruction of property is a good way of getting yourself in trouble Space Monkey Pirate, or maybe you were on a random or specific task and you had to in order to complete the task. Any property destroyed or damaged can repair over different periods of time, which can also affect progress of what is available in System 3. Try not to get caught, or you might have to pay a pretty fine depending on how much damage you caused, in reverse, how much you got away with can be rewarding as well.

    In the concept of architectural design and technology that is never perfect:
    Do buildings always have perfected structure to where they never fall over? We inspect them all the time, but accidents happen. Walls fall down, floors cave in, buildings fall over, statues fall apart and need repair. Does technology always work perfectly, or can it blow up in our faces? In the city of Ganesha, or any city or location of System 3 of BGE2, anything that has been built in real-time, destroyed in real-time, created as a technological advancement in real-time, are all prone to having malfunctions. The questions is, will the player hear about the accident on the news with a fire, or be involved with an explosion? All of these events has random occurrences across districts and locations in real-time, and based on where you are at, and what time. You do not go looking for trouble, (or maybe you do) sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The events will have physics involved, affecting System 3 in real-time as well as the map. Hopefully if the player is involved, there is nearby hospital, rest in peace if you are on a permanent death mode... you only live once, right? When it comes to technology, possibly there was an offering of a new strength level on a force-field, or new magnetic research to an augment, and a malfunction could shock the player using it, nearby in the structure that contains it, or the NPC that uses the new technology. All of these accidents that occur cause status affects, as well as de-buffs temporarily that can be cured. The player should be able to keep track of the random news of research, progress of building or repair in the city, as well as its accidents. The information does not necessarily need to come from the player's UI, but from a randomized information center. Unfortunately, the information center could be damaged while you visited! How does damages and accidents affect progress of the player and available tasks? The damage or accident could have been to a point of interest, or to an NPC where you needed to finish a conversation. Remember, everything can be edited and changed, with a much appreciated in-depth game editor! The community can work together and create a grand world of possibilities.

    Rock the districts and have a wonderful place to go to that reminds us of the Beyond Good & Evil universe. Happy development.
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