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    Developer Update: Dragons in the Air

    Hey everyone! It’s me, Toller, and I’m here to bring you the freshest of South Park: Phone Destroyer info!



    Welcome to another exciting week! We’ve got the Grownups Challenge going on now, which means Assassins and Fighters have increased HP but decreased ATK. We’ve also got a VERY special weekend event coming, with a BRAND NEW Legendary card!

    Team Wars is also ongoing, so make sure to collect your Bottle Caps and upgrade your cards before the battle days!

    Dragonslayer Red

    Dragonslayer Red has finally arrived to South Park! This new Legendary card is an absolute tank killer and we’re super excited for all of you to get your hands on her. This weekend’s event will be a token collection event and for the first time ever, completing the SOLO portion of the event will guarantee a copy of the brand new card! Due to this the requirements will be a bit higher this week.

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 65
    3 115
    4 220
    5 335
    6 550
    7 800
    8 1200

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    The following cards will be available everywhere on Friday (previously only in PvP lockers, PvP packs and shop packs): Mr. Mackey, Mr. Slave, Satan, Alien Drone and Santa Claus. Also, Swordsman Garrison and Classi have been added to PvP packs and PvP Lockers.

    Hey everyone, Buck here:

    Many of you asked about the double loot chances that are now active during card use events. I looked into this and the percent chance is working as intended, however, there was an issue with the PvP tickets in lockers. This issue was noticed during the first 24h 2x locker event, it was a visual bug that caused the animations to not play correctly, so many players were reporting they were not receiving those PvP tickets, so in order to reduce the confusion, the 2x PvP tickets were removed until the bug gets fixed. That bug is scheduled to be fixed in our next update, in April, so the PvP tickets in lockers will not be doubled until that fix goes out. This is something I should have communicated, and I missed it. For that, I apologize.

    There will be a few more 2x locker events before that fix goes out, so it’s important to keep in mind, the 2x chance on all lockers with PvP tickets will be 0%.

    That’s everything we have to share for now! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    -Your Community Team!
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    Hello , I don’t really understand wich card are affected in the challenge, you say assasins and fighters, but also that it is a grownups challenge... so what about grownup fighters ? Like swordsman garrison or Terrence and Phillip ? Are they affect by the challenge ? Or is it only kids ?
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    Wait, what! Did you just say that we are guaranteed the new legendary card if we finish the solo event! 😳

    Or is this a troll post? @ubi-toller
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    Wow! A guaranteed legendary. Very nice!!

    I'm guessing that she is a Fantasy card, so is the event fantasy themed?
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    Visual bug? Come on... I am definitely missing tickets from last weekend.

    Additionally you are dancing around the double loot percentages, they are absolutely not correct based on actual in-game data! Best guess is the 35% is being rolled for each locker but the x2 is ignored for ticket lockers, giving an actual reduced result.

    Please go back again Buck, this doesn't sound right at all yet.
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    What are the chances of getting the new card in team rewards?
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    If I am understanding correctly, no double pvp tickets were awarded in the 2x events.

    If that is accurate, then you need to (at a minimum) refund all cash spent on lockers during the events when pvp tickets were a top loot prize. Assuming you cannot track that scenario, then you need to refund all cash spent on lockers during the events entirely.

    People have a valid reason to request refunds and potentially a legal leg to stand on for this.
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    Hello Buck & Toller,
    I do think it’s awesome you get a guaranteed Leg by completing the solo portion. Great step in the right direction.

    First there should be some sort of compensation/(refund of all cash used in lockers) to all players due to your mistake of not communicating properly the tickets in combination to 2x and not being able to get them. I know myself and MANY, MANY other players spent extra cash chasing Tickets at the chance of a 2x which now reading your comments could have never happened. And, won’t be until April (also why does this take so long to fix?). There should be a cash and ticket compensation for the past two weeks false advertising of the 2x—this isn’t simply a BP saying Sorry after DP’ing the Moon and moving on. Your mistakes\Redlynx mistakes need to be fixed through compensation especially when you are false advertising. A visual bug is still RL’s fault and not ours. (lol just a visual bug-the myth—the legend)

    I do have some questions though. Where are the bug and quality updates?

    First and foremost where is the prevention to stopping people who are playing Team vs Team matches who get a player who disconnects\leaves game and users are getting counted for a Loss in Team wars? It’s been 6 weeks, reported countless times and not a peep of info regarding that? In a Pay 2 Win game that now is focused mostly around Team vs Team, this simple but yet most devastating bug\glitch is ruining the experience for many users. How is that fair to the community\players? This should have been fixed week 1, but yet here we are.

    Bugs, Bugs, BUGS!!!!!

    The game is currently littered with bugs that are new, and also been in the game for going on 8 months now. Why can we not fix these issues?

    Double Shot Ranged units, specifically Mecha Timmy.

    IMP Tweek in combo with Mind Control either using the spell or Mecha’s charge, DKC WC Animation in combination with Tweek, Dougies freezing on swap and the list goes on.

    Dougies at the moment are glitched, if another unit does a War Cry when a dougie is spawned there is a 50% chance it loses its charge and walks to the NK, Im sure you will hear more about this after this weeks TvT wars when people are complaining the card is not working.

    Oh here is another one you will probably here this week regarding bugs, if you use Paladin Butters and his bubble goes to the NK, and if you use Red Kyle right after the PB bubble, it visually gives you the bubble but units can still attack NK thru shield.

    Zombie Units\latency issues, is Server Side ever coming?
    And the list goes on regarding a lot of issues in the game that have been reported countless times for countless months now.
    Some things we would like to see in the next April update if possible.

    Adding a Locker Limit Countdown.

    Adding a confirmation of deck before going into PvP at least one time before starting a round. Countless times you do a friendly fight or deck testing and forget to change to decks and go into PvP and get rolled and lose that ELO.
    Being able to adjust Friendly Battle Card levels so we can practice Team vs Team decks with the actual levels. You cannot test in regular ladder and we are forced to only friendlies which do not give you an accurate orientation of card options.

    Adding the donation window (duplicate) Back to the pvp section so you don’t have to go to team war page every time.

    Fixing the TvT Player has left game—getting a loss issue.

    Just having those added\fixed in the April update would be nice to see, with of course fixing the visual bugs.

    I also ask you make an in-game announcement about the double ticket bug so people who do not use other outlets for information know they cannot get double tickets, so they are not duped like the entire community was for the last 2 weeks. (RIP Cash chasing lockers)

    Have a good one

    P.S Please give Mystical the Nerf it needs and deserves. (#OPSalt)
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    So, because of a Visual Bug about pvp tickets, they intentionally disabled the double loot? So people were getting their double tickets until you 'fixed' it ? That dosent make any sence ! Why not keep the visual bug if its only visual? The coming 'We're Sorry Pack' better be loaded in cash and pvp tickets !
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    Image says war cry but the news update in game says charge ability
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