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    Champy's channel

    Hi everyone !

    Since I have a YT channel since Evo, I see no reasons to not continue on Rising !

    So here is my first custom track vidéo !

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    So here is my run on Green Belt

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    And here is my second track

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    Another custom track

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    UbiCosmos's Avatar Community Representative
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    Hi there Chaaampy,

    These are awesome videos and you've got a really great channel. I really enjoyed watching them, thanks for sharing them with us!
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    Thx Cosmos
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    Another one of my custom tracks

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    My 2 new tracks !

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    Can you make all walkthrough videos for all ninjas? Or at least some?
    University of Trials planing them but as I know the channel it can take months to release just first ninja walkthrough video and I am already stuck on orange belt.
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