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    Division 2 Preorder bonus not showing up in stash

    I spent $150 on the best digital copy from PlayStation store for all the pre order bonuses and nothing is showing up. I have restarted the game and everything. I also tried purchasing UbiSoft rewards and they aren't showing up either. Why did we have beta and you can't even get the pre order bonuses working? Worst part is I seen other people running around with the shotgun and such.
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    You are not alone. I am also having this problem, hoping to find more info soon.
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    Been delving through the forums, found a link to a troubleshooting page for these types of issues and another link to post a support ticket, here is the forum page, hope this helps. Also, i realize the page is for the Capitol Defenders pack, but the process should be the same regardless. Good luck to you Agent.

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    Capitol defender pack,,, not there

    Iíve have tried all of the suggestions that Ubisoft support have given on this issue not only do they keep closing my ticket they keep sending me the same link that says the same thing? I will ring them tomorrow and keep this issue updated
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    I've moved this over to the Xbox One forum as I see that both Kijiji10 and Scatt_a_2e are playing The Division 2 on the Xbox One on the accounts used here on the forums. If you are using PS4 versions of the game on another account, please reach out on those accounts.

    For Xbox you will want to make sure all content is installed under My Games & Apps, The Division 2, and Manage Games. There may be content under the Ready to Install section.

    It's also important to note that the pre-order content will only be found on the first character. If you want to send Lullaby for example to a second character then it needs to go into your Stash and be moved over.
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    The same for me (PS4), no pre-order bonuses showing up. I was given 3 day early access and have (apparently) purchased the year 1 pass but nothing in my stash. Ubisoft says they are aware of the problem and I should keep an eye on the Forums. Sounds like they're not going to do anything. I asked for a code to redeem and then I'd be happy but without explaining why they said that's not possible, but if I bought a physical copy that's how it would have been done. I've paid a premium price for nothing and I'm feeling disappointed a like I've been taken advantage of.
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    Same here no bonus item with the Ultimate Edition on Xbox.

    Paid £92.99 and feel ripped off.!!

    Keep getting told to check stash, check manage games etc... already done this stop repeating yourself.

    Microsoft wonít refund as they say itís a Ubisoft problem, Ubisoft wonít give me a refund because I bought it from Microsoft store.

    Raised a ticket with Ubisoft but have now stopped replying, Iíve asked for 2 updates this week and no response.

    This is the worst customer experience Iíve had, you canít talk to a human and everyoneís blaming the each other.

    Iím on the verge of doing a section 75 as I paid with my credit card. If Microsoft ban me Iíll buy a PlayStation
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