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    The Division 2 Known Issues List – Updated November 13th

    Here you can find a list featuring the most commonly reported issues by the Community which are under investigation by the development team.
    Please be aware this doesn't represent the full list of issues actually under investigation.

    The more cases we are able to analyse for the issues we’re investigating, the more efficiently we are able to diagnose the cause. If you have any screenshots, videos, or relevant system files (e.g. DxDiag) of an error occurring, please share them with our Ubisoft Support Team or in the Player Support section of the forums



    • DARPA Research Labs mission progress reset
      • Mission progress is reset when you restart your game during the DARPA Research Labs mission.

    • Intro Mission icon appearing while in an unlocked Dark Zone
      • The Intro Mission icon can be appearing on the minimap while in an unlocked Dark Zone.

    • Visual glitches in the Pentagon mission
      • Visual glitches can be present when returning to a previous mission area after completing The Pentagon mission.

    • Voice over looping at the end of The Pentagon mission
      • There is a voice-over at the end of The Pentagon mission that can loop endlessly.

    • Bounty Boss "Sub" stuck at spawn point
      • The Metro Runners bounty boss "Sub" can become stuck at the spawn point.

    • [National Zoo] Enemy Outcast stuck in the environment
      • Players reported enemy Outcast in the National Zoo mission will get stuck in the floor or behind a door.

    Game Features

    • Vendor Cassie cannot be spawned
      • Players reported the vendor Cassie Mendoza doesn't spawn after the countdown reaches 0

    • Vendor Cassie doesn't have items for sale
      • Some players reported they're not able to see any items in store from the vendor Cassie Mendoza.

    • [Matchmaking] Stuck in Raid Matchmaking
      • Players are reporting being stuck in a matchmaking queue when matchmaking for the Discovery Difficulty of Washington National Airport.
        There are also reports coming from players stuck within Washington National Airport when matchmaking into an ongoing raid and are unable to participate in the ongoing encounter.
        Workaround:Fast travel from the mega map.

    • [Matchmaking] Unable to teleport to checkpoints after Discovery Raid matchmaking
      • Players are reporting being unable to teleport to checkpoints after matchmaking into a Discovery Raid if there is a battle in progress.
        Status:This is not a defect.

    • Shepherd tutorial not appearing
      • There is a chance the Shepherd tutorial does not trigger.


    • [XBOX] No sound when capturing the game on Xbox.
      • We have recieved reports of no sound when capturing/streaming the game from Xbox.

    • No gun sounds / crackling enemy voices and distortions
      • We've received reports of Audio issues, e.g. crackling enemy voices, distortion, and no gun sounds. We appreciate any details you can provide for these issues, including platform, hardware (also your headphones and software), when it happens, how often it happens, etc.
        Status: With Title Update 6, we've applied several fixes that improved the general situation. However, if you're still receiving audio issues reports, please let us know by providing the following details: when/where you've experienced these issues, what audio issue presented itself and if you fixed it by restarting your game client.

    • [PS4] Delayed audio during door explosion in the Manning National Zoo mission
      • There is delayed audio when a door in the Manning National Zoo mission is exploding on PlayStation 4.

    • Audio loop when destroying a RC car
      • Destroying a RC car can cause their audio to loop at the location of their destruction.

    • Missing audio perks in the Menu
      • Some perks are missing their audio queue when scrolling through the menu.

    • [Xbox One] Corrupted Audio on Found Footage
      • Players on Xbox One can experience corrupted audio when playing back found footage collectibles.

    • Missions do not play their audio anymore when hovering over them
      • Players are reporting missions don't play their specific audio track while hovering those on the world map.
        Status:This is an intended change, community feedback was that the constantly repeating audio could become annoying.


    • Missing collectable in the Base of Operation
      • Players are reporting a missing collectable in the Base of Operation.

    • Unable to collect the last phone recording collectable of Kelso's story
      • Players are unable to collect the collectable in question.
        Status:We were unable to reproduce the issue. If you're still experiencing the problem, please let us know by contacting the Support Team.


    • Unable to enter Kenly Chapel
      • Players reported they cannot enter Kenly Chapel during the Kenly College expedition although the requirements were fulfilled.

    • Progress reset after a disconnection
      • Players are reporting progress may be reset if the user disconnects after completing one or more objective.

    • Debug text in Kenly College
      • A debug text can appear when completing a mastery in Kenly College.

    • Missing localizations for "Personal Best Time" in Kenly College Mastery System
      • Players are reporting progress may be reset if the user disconnects after completing one or more objective.


    • Bounties require billion intel
      • Players are reporting bounties that are requiring several billion intel.

    • Resetting daily projects missions
      • Players have been reporting that their daily projects for missions are resetting.


    • Theatre Settlement downgraded to level 3
      • The Theatre Settlement has been downgraded to level 3 for some players, but players still have access to all upgrades from the settlement.

    • Assisting kills do not count for Daily Challenges while in a group
      • Assisting kills do not count for any Daily Challenge progression while being in a group.

    • Blueprint rewards are not being shown
      • Players reported blueprint rewards are not being shown on Projects and Control Points but are correctly awarded when finishing these activities.
        Status:Fixed in Title Update 6 - Blueprints that haven't been acquired yet will now be visible in the crafting bench interface with hints on how to acquire them.


    • Revive Hive not working as intended.
      • Players reported inconsistencies with the Revive Hive skill, not working as intended.<
        Status: Improvements made in Episode 1, we are monitoring feedback.

    • Finished/Perfect Finisher talents don't activate correctly
      • The Finisher and Perfect Finisher talents do not activate if the agent kills the enemy with their weak point.

    • Airbust Seeker Mine not exploding in the Shooting Range
      • The Airburst Seeker Mine sometimes doesn't explode correctly in the Shooting Range.

    • The Destroy Skill tutorial does not trigger
      • The Destroy Skill tutorial doesn't trigger correctly.

    General Bugs

    • Isac Beacon flipped upside down.
      • Players have observed that with certain chests/vests, the ISAC Beacon is flipped upside down or sideways.

    • +20 Mag on the FAL Para does not fit.
      • Players have reported that the +20 mag on the FAL Para does not fit and clips.

    • Characters stuck in the Dark Zone
      • Players might become stuck when entering the Dark Zone.
        Status:We're working on this on high priority. If you're stuck in a loading screen, restarting the game will free your character.

    • Special Field Research "Premium Access" and "Discover pass" screens overlap
      • "Premium Access and Discover Pass screens can overlap when players switch between them in the Special Field Research.
        Workaround: exiting and entering the menu again fixes the issue.

    • "The Designer NPC" might not attack players
      • "The Designer" NPC might not attack players engaging them in combat.
        Status:It's not by design...

    • The Negotiator';s Dilemma buff icon doesn't always appear
      • There is a chance the Negotiator's Dilemma buff icon doesn't always appear

    • "Targeted Loot" missing localization while inspecting a loot pile
      • There is a missing localization for "Targeted Loot"; when inspecting a loot pile.

    • Unable to peak from cover while closer to some doors
      • There are several doors that don't allow agents to peak from cover.

    • Civilian missing animations in the Base of Operation
      • A Civilian in the Base of Operation has missing animations when attempting to clean the floor.

    • Cooked grenades ground explosions
      • Cooked grenades will travel to the originally targeted destination and explode on the ground.

    • Character invisible collisions in Downtown East
      • Players are reporting Invisible collisions in front of several metro train doors in Downtown East as well as in front of the restaurant on the corner of G ST NW and 9th ST NW.
        Workaround:Players can vault over the invisible collision and proceed as normal.

    • Drone Operator missing subtitles
      • The Drone Operator has no player-facing subtitles when speaking.

    • Engineer Deployable Tank Invisible/Invulnerable
      • Players may encounter an invisible mini-deployable tank from engineer NPCs in-game. Exiting and re-loading the session can make the tank reappear but causes invincibility.
        Workaround: In non-heroic missions a restart from current checkpoint can fix this issue, but it means a full restart of the mission.


    • Field Proficiency toasts are not showing the rewards
      • Players are reporting Field Proficiency toasts are not showing the rewards, e.g. the cache and event apparel keys.
        Status:users still receive these rewards, this bug is visual only.

    • Apparel items stop dropping after acquiring the Beret Burgundy
      • Apparel items that drop in the Open World can stop dropping after acquiring the Beret Burgundy hat.

    Technical issues

    • Small stuttering while spectating in Conflict
      • Players can encounter small stuttering while spectating a player in Conflict.

    • [PS4] Private message alerts not displayed correctly
      • Message alerts are not correctly played when receiving a private text message on PlayStation 4.
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    • Apparel cache place holder
    • Stuck in Dark Zone South from the Delta Control Point
    • Technician Stage 4 Field Research not working properly
    • Unable to acquire the "October Fifth" M249 Blueprint
    • Wrong recalibration cap
    • Weekly Invasions not showing up in the progress menu
    • Camp White Oak / Manning National Zoo: Infinite loading screen
    • [Classified Assignments] Stuck in the Classified Assignment area if kicked
    • [Classified Assignments] Mission timer resets and becomes unavailable
    • [National Zoo] Monorail can be activated without waiting for other party members
    • [Matchmaking] High queues when entering Raid matchmaking
    • Unable to access Treasure Room or loot the SHD Cache after disconnect
    • Expedition branch rewards inconsistencies in all world tiers
    • Unable to pick up Specialization ammunition
    • Liberty's Blind Justice talent not working as intended
    • Washington National Airport missing keys
    • Client crashes when viewing projects
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    • Distorted character faces.
    • Dark Zone perks notification.
    • Unable to share Skill Mods.
    • Signal Flare emote clipping agents' bodies.
    • Social menu did not function when accessed in a downed state in a pre-made group.
    • Year 1 Pass owners unable to activate the Technician.
    • Donation tabs from projects did not show the correct equipment.
    • Crashes when engaging enemy NPCs in coop challenging difficulty at Lincoln Memorial.
    • Technician Apparel mask not unlocking.
    • Weekly Invasion Cinematic keeps repeating.
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