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    sony pulse 7.1 usb no Sound

    I have problem with my sony pulse 7.1 usb

    I have sound in the menu, but in the game nothing

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    I got it working by going into task manager and ending the Logitech Surround Service Process or what ever it was called.
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    Same issue G430

    Is the same cause of mini freeze and performance issue?
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    Found a fix

    so i found a fix for logitech users in a reddit thread and the game has been working for 5 hours with no problems with audio like before.

    first install logitech G hub here https://support.logitech.com/en_us/software/lghub and it will import your settings from LGS, once thats done you can uninstall LGS and just use G Hub, the audio will work like normal now (hopefully for you as well)
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  5. #145
    Narrowed it down, even more, today, I only killed LogitechSurroundSoundManager.exe (not sure that's the exact wording but you'll know it when you see it.)
    This workes for me and my wife's PC.
    Both using Logitech G430 headsets.
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    It helped me.
    Good job
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  7. #147

    Same Issue

    Have also been having the same issue. Around 15-18% game audio cuts out and lock up happen anytime i put any type of input in and audio doesn't happen unless i alt tab or right after i exited out of the game. Very frustrating. Please patch.
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  8. #148

    Logitech G35

    I am having the same problems with my Logitech G35 headset..
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  9. #149
    If you use logitech gaming software, kill it and kill the logitech surround sound service. Just spent the morning troubleshooting with a friend disabling all these services fixes the freezing and sounds
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    This is not a fix. A fix will have to be provided by Massive.
    What you are proposing is a workaround.
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