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    G933 Headset

    Potentially seeing alot of people with the Logitech G933 headset (same as mine) having the same issue. Does anyone here use the same?
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    I use the G933 Headset too and added it to my comment.
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    Logitech G933 here, I also have the same problem.
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    g933 headset here too, same issue as the others
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    Not a G933 but a logitech 533
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    I fixed it!
    I changed my voice Chat output device to my speaker and now I have ingamesounds on my G933 Headset (no sounds from the Speaker).
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    No sound here too. G933 headset. is that the issue? but got some lagginess too.. i wonder why.
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    Did it also fix the freezing?
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    g933 here as well exact same issue. Audio starts stuttering, and crashes, but works fine when tabbed out. Eventually the game just locks up.might try pulling the dongle, and see if it works.
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    No headset plugged in, but Logitech G560 speakers - Are we seeing a Logitech trend here?
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